Baby Lindsay

Baby LindsayThis is my first daughter, Lindsay, on the day she was born.  She had so much hair it looked like a wig!  The cone-shape of her head was due to the device used to assist her in a quick delivery.  It was a traumatic birth, but all turned out well.

I started a tradition of getting her picture taken regularly at Sears.  This was long before the day of digital cameras!  Sears offered discount photo packages.  Then once they took the first picture or two, and after the baby was “warmed up,” they would take a billion more pictures (seemed like) and try to sell them to you.  Of course the baby’s smile was much cuter on the later pictures, but I could only afford to purchase the discounted package.  Arms or legs might extend beyond the edge of the picture, but these photos are precious to me.

I am so glad I did this… and even with my subsequent daughters… in order to have a good record of growth!  So here is Lindsay’s first few years of life, as documented by Sears :-)


Lindsay -3mo3SIX MONTHS

Lindsay -6mo1NINE MONTHS

Lindsay -9mo1TWELVE MONTHS


Lindsay -18mo1TWO YEARS (with Darci)

Lindsay -2yr+Darci-3moTWO & HALF YEARS (with Darci)

Lindsay -2,5yr+Darci-9moTHREE YEARS

Lindsay -3yr1FOUR YEARS

Lindsay -4yr1FOUR YEARS (with Darci)

Lindsay -4yr+Darci-2,5yrAnd lastly… below is Lindsay’s first daughter, Claire, who was born about two months ago!  My first grandchild :-)



5th & 6th Grades 1972-74

My family moved from Springville to Nephi, Utah over the summer of 1972 and we lived in the old home that my grandfather Bowles had built.  It was located across from the city park at 645 North 100 East.  That fall, I began attending Nephi Elementary at 380 East 200 North.  The student body included all elementary students from the cities of Nephi, Mona & Levan.

Lorrie -grade5Top Row – Mr. Bracken, Mr. Sperry, Mr. Ockey, Tammy Marshall, Doyce Olpin, Lorrie Kelsey, Gordon Jenkins, Patricia Montague, James Memmott

2nd Row – Wayne Dodd, Diane Wilkey, Val Jones, Jill Covington, Brett Sampson, Diane Bender

3rd Row – Ellen Steele, Richard Winsor, Kelly Rae Warren, Craig Van Ausdal, Carolee Menlove, Kelly Ingram, Melanie Yates, Kevin Fowkes, Michelle Kendall

4th Row – Carl Anderson, Ruthann Dailey, Ricky May, Lisa Park, Russell Belliston, Mary Smith, Jens Mickelson, Debra Prisbrey, Blair Kay

5th Row – Shelly Garrett, Wade McPherson, Shelia McPherson, Bart Wankier, Maria Harmon, Ed Lee, Carla Sherwood, Bill Motes, Tammy Palmer

6th Row – Pat McCaffery, Natalie Christensen, Leslie Keyte, Julie Wright, Craig Bateman, Julianne Spencer, Steven Bosh, Lori Lunt, Daniel Jumbo

7th Row – Michelle Jarrett, Alan Taylor, Connie Kay, Kevin Ockey, Susan Kay, Lynn Worwood, Rose Gee, Melvin Palfreyman, Louise Bowers

Bottom Row – Molly Painter, Larry Zamora, Donald Lowrey, Shawn Trauntvein, David Chase, Darin Sampson, Jeff Pay, Rusty Hall, Mary Nielsen

Lorrie -grade6Top Row – Mr. Winn, Mr. Ockey, Mrs. Anderson, Mary Nielsen, Ricky May, Michelle Kendall, Craig Van Ausdale, Jill Whimpey, Wade Smith

2nd Row – Diane Wilkey, Rusty Hall, Tammy Palmer, Natalie Christensen, Richard Winsor, Rose Gee

3rd Row – Jens Mickelson, Michelle Jarrett, Wade McPherson, Julianne Spencer, Bart Wankier, Debbie Prisbrey, Brett Sampson, Jill Covington, Ed Lee

4th Row – Susan Kay, Craig Bateman, Carolee Menlove, Kevin Fowkes, Lisa Park, Jeff Pay, Susan Jones, James Memmott, Connie Kay

5th Row – Val Jones, Ellen Steele, Kerry Lynn, Louise Bowers, Gordon Jenkins, Diane Bender, Shawn Trauntvein, Molly Painter, David Chase

6th Row – Carla Sherwood, Steven Bosh, Shelia McPherson, Alan Taylor, Kelly Rae Warren, Melvin Palfreyman, Julie Wright, Pat McCaffery, Blair Kay

7th Row – Russell Jones, Maria Harmon, Russell Belliston, Melanie Yates, Carl Anderson, Mary Smith, Kevin Ockey, Shelly Garrett, Daniel Jumbo

Bottom Row – Bill Motes, Doyce Olpin, Lori Lunt, Bret Belliston, Lorrie Kelsey, Darin Sampson, Tammy Marshall, Leslie Keyte, Kelly Ingram


The Graduates

Grad- ACrandall14a


Congratulations to my youngest daughter, Amelia, for her graduation from Lehi High School on 30 May 2014.  She graduated 2nd in her class of just over 600 students!  She has a scholarship to Brigham Young University, which she will begin attending in the fall.  She wants to study Accounting.  Also, she will be submitting her “mission” paperwork in the fall.  We are so proud of her!  Watch out world, here she comes .^_^.


Amelia comes from a long line of graduates… as shown below:

Grad- ACrandall14c


Grad- SCrandall12





Amelia receiving her diploma in 2014… and sister Sarah receiving her diploma from Lehi High in 2012.


Grad- DCrandall07Grad- DCrandall11







Older sister, Darci, graduated from Lehi High in 2007 and from BYU-Idaho in 2011.


Grad- LCHeidbrink06Grad- LCHeidbrink12








Oldest sister, Lindsay, graduated from Lehi High in 2006, then served a mission to South Dakota before graduating from BYU-Provo in 2012.


Lorrie -High School GradLorrie -BYUgrad2b

Lorrie -BYUgrad1a

I graduated from Juab High School (Nephi, Utah) in 1980, from BYU in 1986… and again from Brigham Young University in 2006.


Dean -KgradDean -High School GradDean -BYUgrad2Here’s a picture of Amelia’s father when he graduated from Kindergarten!  Also, Dean’s graduation from Santa Maria High (California) in 1979… from BYU in 1985 (no picture)… and again from Brigham Young University in 1987.




Donna -Graduation (2nd row 3rd from R)2.

This old picture is in front of Juab High School when my mom graduated from there in 1959.  Here is her high school diploma and her seminary diploma!  Below is  a picture of her graduation from Stevens Henager College in 1960.

Donna -College Grad2.

Also, I have no picture, but my father graduated from Payson High School in 1959.  Here is his jr. high diploma, his high school diploma and his seminary diploma!


Lastly, below is an old picture of Dean’s father when he graduated from dental school and a picture of Dean’s mother in her nursing uniform!

Fred -College Grad

Gwen, Nurse



In her Easter Bonnet

Donna & Nona -EasterI love this cute picture of Donna Jean (left) and her best friend, Nona!  It was taken in the early 1950’s.  She grew up in a home across the street from the Nephi City Park.  It looks like this picture was taken in the park.

Below are two more ladies all gussied up and ready to go somewhere!



At left is my great-grandmother, Annie Elisabeth Elder Kelsey. She was born in Utah in 1869 and died in Utah in 1958.






At right is my 4th great-grandmother, Harriet Hales Ellis.  She was born in England in 1824 and died in Utah in 1910.




Claybourne M Elder - Hat.



Lastly, here is a handsome picture of my 2nd great-grandfather, Claybourne Montgomery Elder.  He is the father of Annie Elder above!  He was born in Tennessee in 1827 and died in Utah in 1912.

DeVere… in the News!

Happy 74th Birthday to my Dad… today!

De -49 Chevy

Here are some news articles featuring him:

De-Donna New Parents

1) This first one was a chance photograph taken in December 1961.  A beautiful young couple with their first child… me!

De-Donna Pistols

2) My father was a policeman in Springville, Utah for many years.  Both he and my mother often entered police shooting competitions.  He was always so thrilled when she out shot him!

DeVere  Token Hobby

3) My father has been collecting “tokens” for many years… he has a spectacular collection.  Tokens are coin-like objects that can be traded for something of value.  My mom has spent a lot of time waiting in the car while my dad haggled for tokens!

De-Donna 50th Anniversary

4) Lastly, here is an article about my parents when they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December 2010.

Finding Donna Jean

Happy Birthday to my Mommy, who is 73-yrs-old today!

Donna Jean attended the old “Pink School” in Nephi, Utah.

Can you find her in the pictures below?

Donna 1st with Richmond (front of teacher)21st Grade with Ms. Richmond, 1947-48

Donna Jean is standing directly in front of the teacher… teacher’s pet!

*Her best friend, Nona, is in the back row, 5th from left



Donna 2nd with Belliston (middle at L)22nd Grade with Ms. Belliston, 1948-49

Donna Jean is in the middle row at left

*Nona, is in the middle row at right



Donna 3rd with Stephenson (middle 6th from R)23rd Grade with Ms. Stephenson, 1949-50

Donna Jean is in the middle row, 6th from right

*Nona is in the middle row, 6th from left… matching dresses!



Donna 4th with Ferre (missing)24th Grade with Mr. Ferre, 1950-51

Donna Jean is absent on this picture day :-(

*Nona is in the middle row at left



Donna 5th with Mellor (middle 4th from L)25th Grade with Mr. Mellor, 1951-52

Donna Jean is in the middle row, 4th from left

*Nona is absent on this picture day :-(



Donna 6th with Evans (back 6th from R)26th Grade with Mr. Evans, 1952-53

Donna Jean is in the back row, 7th from right

*Nona is in the back row, 6th from right



Donna -Jr27th Grade with unknown teacher, 1953-54

Donna Jean is in the middle row, 4th from right

*Nona is in the middle row, 3rd from right

The Bowles Family of Nephi

*Abt. 1907, taken on the farm where they lived located 5½ miles northwest of Nephi, Utah.

From Left to Right:
1. Child #8 – Lilly Fern… she married Elgin Garrett
2. Mother – Mary Ann Viola Johnson Bowles
3. Grandmother – Emma James Johnson… Viola’s mother
4. Child #6 – Delpha… she married Clyde Gowers
5. Child #1 – Emma “Sussie” Susannah… she married Elias Worwood
6. Child #4 – Leo… he married Bertha Leah Bowers
7. Grandmother – Susannah Washburn Bowles… William’s mother
8. Unknown adopted daughter of Susannah & Thomas… too young to be Mary Jane Johnson
9. Child #5 – LaVern… he married Lettie Garrett
10. Father – William Abraham Bowles (on machine)
11. Child #3 – Flossie… she married Richard Sudweeks
12. Grandfather – Thomas Bowles… William’s father
13. Child #7 – Carl James (on horse)… he married Edna Boswell
Absent were:
• Child #2 – William Alvin… probably on his mission to New Zealand
• Grandfather – Lorenzo Johnson (deceased)… Viola’s father

Bowles Family2a*Same day, same family members, some have changed clothes

From Left to Right:
1. Child #4 – Leo… my great-grandfather
2. Mother – Mary Ann Viola Johnson Bowles
3. Father – William Abraham Bowles
4. Child 38 – Lilly Fern… standing in front, left
5. Child #3 – Flossie… seated on ground, left
6. Child #5 – LaVern… standing in back, middle
7. Unknown adopted daughter… standing in front, right
8. Grandmother – Emma James Johnson… chair at left
9. Child #6 – Delpha… seated on ground, right
10. Child #1 – Sussie… laying in front, right
11. Grandmother – Susanna Washburn Bowles… chair in middle
12. Child #7 – Carl James… standing in back, right
13. Grandfather – Thomas Bowles… chair at right

Bowles, Leo-WilliamAbe-Alvin2*This picture appears to be taken a few years later, working on the farm

Leo Bowles – William Abraham Bowles – William Alvin Bowles

Dancing Donna

Donna -Ballet1This is beautiful Donna Jean at age 11 or 12-years.  She took lessons from the Di Lello School of Dance.  Michael and Thora Di Lello traveled around central Utah to provide dance lessons.  My mom said “Tora” was absolutely beautiful.  Below is an old pamphlet that my mom has kept all these years.  It describes the classes that were offered… everything from “toe” dance to hula dance!

I was curious about this couple and did a little detective work.  I found out that Thora Stewart was born 9 May 1922 in Springville, Utah.  I would love to have more info about her life, because she somehow ended up in Mexico where she met and married Michael Di Lello during February 1946.  Did she travel there as a circus acrobat?  Michael was born 27 January 1904 in Italy; he was eighteen years her senior.  They eventually returned to Utah where they founded their dancing school.  The information I do have comes from find-a-grave and an obituary; however, familysearch did provide a few interesting tidbits… Michael Di Lello was baptized during March 1952 and then he and Thora were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple the following year in May 1953.  They had a total of thirteen children!

Donna -Dance Instructors1          *Here is the inside of the pamphlet as well as the back of the pamphlet.

DancingDonnaFor the last several years, my mom has danced for “Jean’s Golden Girls!”  This is a dance group in Utah that consists of women ages 55 to 92.  They shimmy, they shake, they do the robot and even dance Gangnam style!  They are taught and led by Jean Dixon Elliot.  They often perform at halftime for basketball games around Utah and have even traveled to perform across the nation.  No group receives more enthusiastic reception or applause than this group does!  We absolutely love to go watch grandma dance!!  Here is Grandma Donna dancing at Snow College a couple of months ago.  She is in the center row, second from left.  And, below, wearing her jacket and with her granddaughter, Amelia!

Donna -in actionDonna -jacketDonna-Millie


Gwen, ChildThis is Gwendolyn Kuulei Felisa Arce, my mother-in-law!  She was born on 20 May 1934 in Kihei, Maui.  Her father, Esteban Arce, and her mother, Helen Kang, divorced soon afterwards.  Mom ended up being raised along with several cousins on Maui by her maternal grandmother, Julia Saffery.  They were poor, but mom has recounted stories of her grandmother to us.  Grandma Saffery often fished/ picked seaweed in the ocean to provide for her family.

In 2007, Mom and Dad sponsored a family reunion in Hawaii for all their children/ grandchildren.  During that special trip, mom acted as a tour guide telling us about her childhood in Hawaii.  Most memorable for me were her stories as a 7-yr-old girl trying to understand the bombing of Pearl Harbor and later, the way her life was changed when a teacher took notice of her and helped her earn a scholarship to Mid-Pacific Institute on Oahu.  Education changed her life.  Here are the memories she emailed to us in preparation for that family reunion.

Gwen, NurseMom studied nursing and finished her education in St. Louis, Missouri.  I think about her life as a small child on Maui… not the most auspicious of beginnings.  The confusing family situation with cousins and there were step-brothers/ sisters on other islands.  God took notice of her and blessed her with opportunities; she took advantage of those opportunities to work hard and succeed, despite her fears.  I admire her courage and fierce desire to follow Christ; she considered becoming a nun, but her studies instead led her to grow stronger in her original faith.

Gwen met Fred in St. Louis.  Their love developed slowly; likely because she was cautious and may not have felt she could trust in the arm of flesh as much as she trusted in God.  When is seemed that it would not work out, that is when he called for her to join him in Germany.  Imagine the trust it took for her to join him then!  The long trip on the ship… disembarking to see him waiting… theirs is a true love story.

I love you mom!!  Thanks for your example of courage and trust in God despite any stumbling blocks.  May you be blessed with the energy you desire to continue caring for the man you love.  May you be confident in the love of your children and their knowledge of your many sacrifices.  Merry Christmas!


Simply Fred

It is not Frederick, his name is simply… Fred.  He is my father-in-law and I love him!  I think the best way to describe him is to say that he is truly a man without guile or deception.  He is a kind and gentle man of God.

Fred, BabyFred Jr. is the first of two sons born to Fred & Alma Crandall.  He was born on 11 May 1928 in Pueblo, Colorado.  He was given the middle name of Lewis after his paternal grandmother who had been widowed at a young age, but who had raised 5 children on her own.  He was given the nickname of Ted or Teddy as a child.

Dad was raised in Wyoming where he learned to love fishing and camping.  His family eventually moved to California where he graduated from Glendale High.  Shown below is a picture of the youth group with whom he enjoyed many firesides and gained a stronger testimony of Jesus Christ!  Here is the letter he wrote on the back, listing the names of those in the picture.  He is second from right in the back.

Fireside Group

Mission Pamphlet1Dad later attended BYU and also served a mission in the Northern States Mission; he was set apart by Elder Harold B. Lee.  After finishing at BYU, he was accepted into the dental school at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.  It was there that he met and fell in love with “Gwenny.”  What a challenge it was for him when beloved leaders and family members counseled him against marrying her because of her Polynesian background.  In the end, he found he couldn’t live without her.  He had been stationed in Germany several weeks when he sent for her and they were married in the LDS Swiss Temple.

Fred Jr. with Fishing BuddiesCran Fam, ChristmasHere’s a picture of Dad with two fishing buddies.  My husband Dean is on the right.  And another picture of the whole Crandall family at Christmas, likely about 1973-74.  Dean, with glasses, looks a lot like his father did at the same age .^_^.

Thanks Dad!  Thanks for loving your wife… your children… and your grandchildren.  You have blessed us with your righteous example and happy, loving ways.  I admire your integrity and valiant service.  I am grateful to be a part of the family!

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