Marching Band (Nerd)

New JHS Band uniforms

(in bright red & yellow!)

1978 picture L to R:

Todd Liddiard

Julie Wright

Lorrie Kelsey

John Nielsen

My daughter’s best friend interviewed me tonight for a paper she’s writing about marching bands.  It really made me think… what a glorious experience it was to be a band nerd!!  I started playing trumpet in the 5th grade and even began marching in parades that summer, though I hardly knew how to play.  As a junior and senior at Juab High School, I was called upon to play taps at several funerals for veterans buried in Nephi.  I continued enrolling in band until I graduated from college about 12 years later.  What kept me going that long, as a non-music major, were the opportunities to attend sporting events and to travel to different locations for parades/concerts/bowl games as well as the chance to make friends and “belong” to a group of fun-loving individuals.  Marching in the band even helped me regain full use of my leg by acting as my “physical therapy” the year (1981) I was injured in a motorcycle accident.

HOLIDAY BOWL MEMORY – It was 1980, my freshman year at Brigham Young University.  The football team went to the Holiday Bowl for the third year in a row; hoping to win this time.  The band went to play at the game as well as performed at Disneyland the day before.  (Each of us got a free booklet of tickets, including the famous “E” tickets!)  If you remember that game, the team was losing and most of the spectators left early.  Older band members around me were crying because it was the third losing game in a row.  We were supposed to play a post-game show, but many of us just wanted to leave as well.  Our leaders told us we had to stay because we were “the band;” however, they weren’t going to make us play the post-game show.  Then… the team started to come back by scoring several times in the last few minutes!  If you know BYU football, you know that Jim McMahon threw his “Hail Mary” pass into the end zone and Clay Brown ended up coming down with it to win the game.  Now that game is called the “Miracle Bowl” and I can say that the band stayed to the very end and played a joyous post-game show afterwards!  That was the first of many bowl games I was privileged to attend with the BYU band, ending with the Citrus Bowl in Florida the year BYU won the national college football championship.

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