Blessed are the Piecemakers

What causes otherwise sane women to cut fabric into little pieces and then sew it all back together again?  The need to enter any fabric store just to walk around and touch the fabric must be a disorder of some sort.  I’m going to call it OPD… or Obsessive Piecemaking Disorder!  Other symptoms could include the hoarding of fabric in a wide variety of colors as well as purchasing too many “kits” than could possibly be completed in your lifetime.  If you have a room or area in your home reserved just for this habit, you could seriously… jokingly… be diagnosed OPD.

Last weekend, I joined together with hundreds of women (all showing symptoms of OPD) for the annual Utah Shop Hop.  There were 15 quilt shops (from Logan to Springville) to be visited in a few short days!  Like kids in a candy store we (mommy & me & gals) went to touch fabric, take pictures of gorgeous quilts, and enter drawings for prizes.  Of course, we purchased fabric to add to our stash!  It was so fun to see the decorations in each shop for the theme of the quilt hop.  It was more fun to rub shoulders with women who became instant friends because of our common love of fabric/ quilting.

Here is grandma’s latest “heirloom” created for my daughter.  Blessed are those who put their hearts and souls into tangible gifts of love!!

Sarah the Graduate… with Donna Jean & Lorrie Jean

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