RIP Robison Hall

The year was 1980.  I was a freshman at BYU assigned to live in Heritage Halls… specifically in Robison Hall, 3rd floor, #129.  Our large kitchen window looked out over the street that entered Heritage Halls parking lot from 9th East.  We were just half a block North from Carson’s Market.  (By the way, my mother later told me she once worked there!)  Carson’s Market is now BYU Creamery on Ninth.  And, Robison Hall was recently demolished to make room for newer campus housing.

Robison 129bRobison 129a








*My roommates from freshman year: Becky, Ronda, Holly, Julie, & Deanne… but missing Colette, who took off and got married after 1st semester!

I was randomly (or inspirationally) assigned to live with 5 other girls… who quickly became my friends!  I think we were pegged as the “crazy” apartment in that hall?  I have fond memories of our many “cultural” dinners where we dressed in costume, played ethnic music, and served our version of foreign cuisine to guy friends… including our beloved home teachers, Jess Evans and Jamie Arbuckle.  The girls living in the apartment underneath often complained to the head residents that we were too loud.  This complaining stopped when Brother Simonson brought his horn over to practice with me!  Thanks, Brother & Sister Simonson, for being so understanding.

Robison-band*This is me in the BYU band uniform of the time.  You can see that our bedroom window has been painted for homecoming.  New band uniforms were ordered the very next season.  Sadly, this was the last year of the tall, fuzzy helmets with a feather sticking out the side!


Lorrie & Leon

*This is me going to Homecoming with Leon, a fellow trumpeter.  Pay no attention to the word “love” on the sign behind us because, of course, I only have eyes for Dean!



Lorrie -Robison2*My first time living away from home, my first experience with “ring” ceremonies, and my first crash course in totally stripping/ waxing/ buffing a floor.  Yay!  I loved it so much that I lived there in that same apartment with one of my new friends the following year as well.  You know who you are, Jewelie!


Robison Hall 1980-81

*Here’s a picture of the girls who lived in Robison Hall, 1980-1981:

Back Row: Becky Peterson, Lorrie Kelsey, Ronda Poulson, Kristin Williamson, Aniva Aldridge, Ann Dayton, Tina Demery

Fourth Row: Julia Sayers, Holly Rimmasch, Deanne Child, Julie Hadlock, Carolyn Taylow, Cindy Thrap, Carmen Tinney, Margaret Romney, Rhonda Zmoos, Kathy Roberts, Karen Schroeder, Roselyn Adams

Third Row: Sister Simonson, Barbara Lujan, Tricia Tingey, Sheri Fisher, Leta Gillette, Laurie Nilson, Dawni Westover, Karen Workman, Shanna Allred, Jeana Weinheimer, Tammy Harrison, Peggy Witbeck, Tonya Saunders, Annamarie Blacka, Julie Webb, Millie Reynolds

Second Row: Bonnie Stalnaker, Connie Hansen, Janese Casper, Kathy Johnson, Alison Davis, Jeannette Nalder, Colette Muchmore, Kim Evans, Rosie Brown, Sara Spencer, Tresa Arnold, Lynda Jensen

Front Row: Susan Bates, Tammy Miller, Robin Bench, Jackie Halladay, Karrie Bates, Karla Little, Vernet Wilkins, Marian Stevens, Kardean Paine, Esther Henry

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