The BEST Mission

Lorrie Call EnvelopeLorrie Mission CallI served in the Hong Kong & Macau Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from January 1983 to July 1984.  It was and is, of course, the best mission in the church!  At the time I served there, Hong Kong was a British Colony.  It is now called the China, Hong Kong Mission.  With the explosion of missionaries currently being called, I expect there are many more serving in Hong Kong than shown below.  This picture was taken at Wu Kwai Sha, a camp where we stayed for a couple of days on October 24th & 25th, 1983.

Hong Kong Mission 83-84

Top Row: S. Tsang, S. Wong, E. Moore, E. Yeung WK, E. Livsey, E. Andrus, E. Lam WK, E. Leung KF, E. Shumway, S. Tam KW, S. Lee SH, S. David, S. Post, S. Fredrickson, S. Ostler, S. Clark, S. Davis, S. Chan, S. Mak, E. Chan LL, E. Stagg, E. Hansen GK, E. Miller

7th Row: E. Rydalch, E. McCloud, S. Tam, S. Mak, S. Ng, S. Lai, B. Sam, B. Choi, S. Ma, S. Leung, S. Chan, S. Chan, S. Cheung, S. Chan, S. Lee, S. Law, S. Hong, S. Choi, S. Lau, S. Wai, B. Wai, B. Kwok, B. Chan

6th Row: E. Mecham, E. Hansen ST, E. Belliston, E. Parker, E. Chesley, E. Sonntag, E. Kapele, E. Lofgren, E. Clements, E. Burgoyne, E. Lau, E. Frost, E. Edwards, E. Clark, E. Kunzler, E. Hung, S. Ross, S. Larson, S. Choi, S. Siu, B. Chang, B. Mak

5th Row: S. Hansen, S. Knight, E. Kemp, E. Knowles, E. Tse, E. Jensen, E. Ramsey, E. Kwok, E. Chan HK, E. Hong, E. Yuen, E. Stewart, E. Luker, E. Johnson GB, E. Leung PM, E. Potts, E. Kerr, S. Lynn, S. Lo, S. Marler

4th Row: S. Beaman, S. Hunt, E. Price, E. Davis, E. Christensen, E. Porter, S. Wong BK, S. Ho, S. Kjar, S. Chan MF, E. Ho, E. Cheung, E. Lai, E. Anderson, E. Hansen, E. Wong TY, E. Lee WF, E. Kallunki, E. Smith, E. Chan KY, E. Lo, E. Lee BKK, E. Orth, E. Tolley

3rd Row: S. Linn, S. Hulcher, S. Price, S. Mueller, S. Strong, E. Chan WF, E. Mickelson, E. Ryskamp, E. Gordon, E. Nordmeyer, E. Sullivan, E. Oakes, E. Cheng KK, E. Mak, E. Cheng KW, E. Johnson RW, E. Tsun, E. Willmore, E. Conley, E. Leung CM, E. Wakefield, E. Snyder

2nd Row: S. Gygi, S. Ng WS, S. Wong LL, S. Cordon, E. Armstrong, E. Snow, E. Rockhill, E. Tebbs, E. Keenan, E. Trost, E. Nettles, S. Paulsen, S. Kelsey, S. Tozier, S. Anderson, E. Cowley, E. Fung, S. McKay, S. Reed, E. Swan, E. Burton

Front Row: E. Pascoe, E. Gray, E. Chau, E. Tang, E. Barker, E. Underwood, E. Huntsman, E. Leung YF, E. Bringhurst, E. Hunter, P. Armstrong, E. Carter, E. Crane, E. Glenn, E. Transtrum, E. Reese, E. Chan KH, E. Blackburn, E. Fuller

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah Crandall
    May 10, 2013 @ 08:57:20

    I love the three elders doing hear/see/speak no evil ^_^ I love Mom and China!!


  2. Laury Livsey
    Apr 27, 2014 @ 06:50:55

    Sister Kelsey: I doubt you would remember me. This is Elder Livsey, the missionary with the girl’s name not too dissimilar to your first name. I was about two months behind you on my mission, and there I am on the back row next to my all-time favorite and most influential companion, Yeung Wai Kit (Basil), and to this day one of my closest friends (Elder Alan Andrus). I lost this photo several years ago, which is unusual because I kept just about everything from my mission, and it’s all in scrapbooks and organized. I remember those two days at Wu Kai Sha very well, and I’m smiling as I write this just because of the great memories this brings. It’s a Sunday night in Guangzhou, and I’m sitting on my hotel bed reminiscing. I really appreciate you writing. I’m on a month-long trip in China for business, and, naturally, I squeezed in a two-day, just-for-fun trip to Hong Kong. I even went to the temple (no, not the one in Wong Tai Shin! Ha.). Anyway, I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog. Thank you very much for this. You made my day.

    Laury Livsey
    Jacksonville, Florida


    • lcrandall
      Apr 27, 2014 @ 07:53:08

      Dear Elder Livsey!
      My blog feels validated… thanks for your comment 🙂 So glad you found this photo and so jealous you’ve been able to return!



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