Adventure in Mexico

Brother Tervort, our seminary teacher, took a bunch of students to Mexico in 1978.  How very brave of him and what a fabulous time we had!  The best synopsis of our activities was published in our town newspaper.  Mexico City was very different from our small town of Nephi, Utah.  A group of us ascended the Latin-American Tower for a view of the city… and had this picture taken.


Back (L to R): Julie Wright, Conley Christensen, Cindi Taylor, James Harmon, Janice Stuart, Michael Peterson

Front: Margaret Brown, Mark Greenwood, Lorrie Kelsey


I particularly remember and enjoyed climbing both the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacan.  Here is a picture of our entire group on another set of ruins at Monte Alban.


Back Row (L to R): Doyce Olpin, Margaret Brown

4th Row: D’Ann Beardall, Unknown, Lorrie Kelsey, Jill Whimpey, Kelly Rae Warren, Janice Stuart, Julie Wright, Robin Lyman, Mark Greenwood, then down a little: Jill Beardall, Unknown

3rd Row: James Harmon, Glen Tervort, Dave Manning, Barbara Paxman, Russell Belliston, David Nielson, Russell Jones, Unknown, Conley Christensen, Unknown, Kim Chase

2nd Row: Unknown, Cindi Taylor, Nona Tervort, Parks Mangelson, and then over several spaces: Unknown, Rick Dixon

Front Row: Michael Peterson, Molly Painter, Craig Winter, Kathleen Jolley, Brother Tom Tervort, Unknown, Adele Mangelson, Diane Wilkey, Diane Bender, Merilyn Dalley, Carolee Menlove, Sheila McPherson, Bill Larson

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  1. Crystal Greenhalgh Shelley
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 09:06:57

    My mom is Kelly Rae. I have begun to type up her journal and yesterday I typed an entry about her going to Mexico and what a neat experience that was for her. It was so exciting to find a picture of the group that she went with!
    “I had the opportunity to go to Mexico during the summer of 1978, That was a great experience. I was able to see how the Mexican people. We visited pyramids where at one time Jesus had walked. We attended a fire side and also sacrament meeting. The spirit is the same everywhere. I met a mexican named Raphael Gomba who spoke all spanish. We talked by sign language, we met a stake dance, he is 20, a member of the Church and a real gentleman. We had many neat experiences with train and bus rides. Upon leaving Mexico City Raphael gave me a neckless (sic), its really interesting. My testimony was greatly strengthened.”


    • lcrandall
      Oct 23, 2014 @ 20:53:34

      I knew her from 5th grade (when I first moved to Nephi) until we graduated in 1980. She was a good girl and a good woman. I will email you a news article you might like to see 🙂


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