Meltiar Goes to Court

Page 1United States of American vs. Meltiar Hatch, case #518 filed 30 Mar 1888

Page 4.

Meltiar Hatch… between 10 Dec 1885 and 6 Dec 1888… “did unlawfully claim, live and cohabit with more than one woman as his wives, to-wit: with one Permelia (Snyder) Hatch and one Mary Ann (Ellis) Hatch.”


*Meltiar married Permelia on 27 Dec 1845 at Hancock, IL.   Meltiar married Mary Ann on 6 May 1856 at Salt Lake, UT.


Page 2Witnesses examined before the grand jury on 7 December 1888 included:  Mary Ann Hatch, Meltiar Hatch, and three children: Elias, Margaret, & Rhoana

Page 3.

7 Oct 1891… “Now on this day the defendant appears in person and withdraws his plea of Not Guilty, and pleads that he is guilty as charged in the Indictment time for sentence waived.  And the defendant being asked if he had any legal cause to show why sentence should not be passed against him and he giving no sufficient reason and cause: It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed by the Court, that sentence on defendant be suspended for two years.”


Page 6*Meltiar Hatch, my 3rd great-grandfather, died on 8 Jul 1895 and was buried at Hatch, Garfield, Utah.  Both wives were eventually buried next to him.

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