The Graduates

Grad- ACrandall14a


Congratulations to my youngest daughter, Amelia, for her graduation from Lehi High School on 30 May 2014.  She graduated 2nd in her class of just over 600 students!  She has a scholarship to Brigham Young University, which she will begin attending in the fall.  She wants to study Accounting.  Also, she will be submitting her “mission” paperwork in the fall.  We are so proud of her.  Watch out world, here she comes!


Amelia comes from a long line of graduates… as shown below:

Grad- ACrandall14c


Grad- SCrandall12





Amelia receiving her diploma in 2014… and sister Sarah receiving her diploma from Lehi High in 2012.


Grad- DCrandall07Grad- DCrandall11







Older sister, Darci, graduated from Lehi High in 2007 and from BYU-Idaho in 2011.


Grad- LCHeidbrink06Grad- LCHeidbrink12








Oldest sister, Lindsay, graduated from Lehi High in 2006, then served a mission to South Dakota before graduating from BYU-Provo in 2012.


Lorrie -High School GradLorrie -BYUgrad2b

Lorrie -BYUgrad1a

I graduated from Juab High School (Nephi, Utah) in 1980, from BYU in 1986… and again from Brigham Young University in 2006.


Dean -KgradDean -High School GradDean -BYUgrad2Here’s a picture of Dean when he graduated from Kindergarten!  Also, his graduation from Santa Maria High (California) in 1979… from BYU in 1985 (no picture)… and again from Brigham Young University in 1987.



Donna -Graduation (2nd row 3rd from R)2.

This old picture is in front of Juab High School when my mother graduated from there in 1959.  Here is her high school diploma and her seminary diploma!  Below is  a picture of her graduation from Stevens Henager College in 1960.

Donna -College Grad2.

Also, I have no picture, but my father graduated from Payson High School in 1959.  Here is his jr. high diploma, his high school diploma and his seminary diploma!


Lastly, below is an old picture of Dean’s father when he graduated from dental school and a picture of Dean’s mother in her nursing uniform!

Fred -College Grad

Gwen, Nurse



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