5th & 6th Grades 1972-74

My family moved from Springville to Nephi, Utah over the summer of 1972 and we lived in the old home that my grandfather Bowles had built.  It was located across from the city park at 645 North 100 East.  That fall, I began attending Nephi Elementary at 380 East 200 North.  The student body included all elementary students from the cities of Nephi, Mona and Levan.

Lorrie -grade5Top Row – Mr. Bracken, Mr. Sperry, Mr. Ockey, Tammy Marshall, Doyce Olpin, Lorrie Kelsey, Gordon Jenkins, Patricia Montague, James Memmott

2nd Row – Wayne Dodd, Diane Wilkey, Val Jones, Jill Covington, Brett Sampson, Diane Bender

3rd Row – Ellen Steele, Richard Winsor, Kelly Rae Warren, Craig Van Ausdal, Carolee Menlove, Kelly Ingram, Melanie Yates, Kevin Fowkes, Michelle Kendall

4th Row – Carl Anderson, Ruthann Dailey, Ricky May, Lisa Park, Russell Belliston, Mary Smith, Jens Mickelson, Debra Prisbrey, Blair Kay

5th Row – Shelly Garrett, Wade McPherson, Shelia McPherson, Bart Wankier, Maria Harmon, Ed Lee, Carla Sherwood, Bill Motes, Tammy Palmer

6th Row – Pat McCaffery, Natalie Christensen, Leslie Keyte, Julie Wright, Craig Bateman, Julianne Spencer, Steven Bosh, Lori Lunt, Daniel Jumbo

7th Row – Michelle Jarrett, Alan Taylor, Connie Kay, Kevin Ockey, Susan Kay, Lynn Worwood, Rose Gee, Melvin Palfreyman, Louise Bowers

Bottom Row – Molly Painter, Larry Zamora, Donald Lowrey, Shawn Trauntvein, David Chase, Darin Sampson, Jeff Pay, Rusty Hall, Mary Nielsen



Lorrie -grade6Top Row – Mr. Winn, Mr. Ockey, Mrs. Anderson, Mary Nielsen, Ricky May, Michelle Kendall, Craig Van Ausdale, Jill Whimpey, Wade Smith

2nd Row – Diane Wilkey, Rusty Hall, Tammy Palmer, Natalie Christensen, Richard Winsor, Rose Gee

3rd Row – Jens Mickelson, Michelle Jarrett, Wade McPherson, Julianne Spencer, Bart Wankier, Debbie Prisbrey, Brett Sampson, Jill Covington, Ed Lee

4th Row – Susan Kay, Craig Bateman, Carolee Menlove, Kevin Fowkes, Lisa Park, Jeff Pay, Susan Jones, James Memmott, Connie Kay

5th Row – Val Jones, Ellen Steele, Kerry Lynn, Louise Bowers, Gordon Jenkins, Diane Bender, Shawn Trauntvein, Molly Painter, David Chase

6th Row – Carla Sherwood, Steven Bosh, Shelia McPherson, Alan Taylor, Kelly Rae Warren, Melvin Palfreyman, Julie Wright, Pat McCaffery, Blair Kay

7th Row – Russell Jones, Maria Harmon, Russell Belliston, Melanie Yates, Carl Anderson, Mary Smith, Kevin Ockey, Shelly Garrett, Daniel Jumbo

Bottom Row – Bill Motes, Doyce Olpin, Lori Lunt, Bret Belliston, Lorrie Kelsey, Darin Sampson, Tammy Marshall, Leslie Keyte, Kelly Ingram


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