Baby Sarah

Baby SarahThis is my third daughter, Sarah, on her ‘birth’ day!  She was born 3-weeks early.  Dean was gone out-of-town on the night that I went into labor.  Not wanting to have this baby alone, I called him and told him to get back quick!  My brother was staying with me for this very reason, but I still didn’t want to go to the hospital without Dean.  So, I delayed going… and my labor had actually slowed by the time Dean arrived the next morning.  We decided to walk around the block to jump start the labor… bad idea!  Halfway around the block I could barely walk.  We quickly drove to the hospital and Sarah was born within 45-minutes.  The doctor didn’t make it to the delivery and the nurses were not happy with me!

It had been 4-years since the birth of Sarah’s older sister.  Time to visit Sears for pictures again 🙂

THREE MONTHS (with family)

Sarah -3mo+FamilySIX MONTHS



Sarah -12moTWO YEARS (with Amelia)

Amelia -6mo+Sarah-2yrTWO & HALF YEARS (with sisters)

Amelia -12mo+Sisters

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