Baby Amelia

Baby AmeliaThis is Amelia!  She is my fourth daughter and last child.  My husband jinxed himself when our first girl was born and he said, “I wouldn’t care if we had ALL daughters!”  Well, that is what happened and now he claims he is estrogen challenged 🙂  Amelia was a great addition to a family of sisters and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What a blessed family we are!  Raising four girls has been a glorious experience for me.  If I could wish for one thing for my daughters, it would be that they could experience all the joys of motherhood that I have had.  There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than being a mommy.  Unless… it is being a grand-mommy!

Here are Amelia’s first few years, as documented by Sears…


Amelia -3moSIX MONTHS (with Sarah)

Amelia -6mo+Sarah-2yrNINE MONTHS

Amelia -9moTWELVE MONTHS (with sisters)

Amelia -12mo+SistersTHREE YEARS

Amelia -3yrFOUR YEARS

Amelia -4yr1

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