“Pride of the Wasatch”

Cougar Band

During the early 80’s we were known as the ‘Incomparable Cougar Marching Band’ and I think I like that better!  Here’s a fabulous picture taken of the Cougar Band and Cougarettes in 1981.  I recognize the formation as one of the shows we learned that year.  It is memorialized in my mind because the trumpeters had to kneel across the front.  It was that very show that forced me to  push my knee to its limits.  I mentioned this in an earlier post.  I think that is me kneeling right on the 35-yard line on the left side.

Every time the band traveled to a bowl game, they would take pictures of each band member and send an article to their home town newspapers.  Fortunately, we went to a bowl game every year I was in the band!  Here are my news articles:

FRESHMAN – Holiday Bowl, 1980

SOPHOMORE – Holiday Bowl, 1981

JUNIOR – Holiday Bowl, 1982

*Right after fall semester 1982, I left for my mission to Hong Kong.  I returned 18-months later, right before beginning fall semester 1984.  Thus, I was considered a “junior” for both of those semesters.  Yes… It actually took me four and a half years to graduate from BYU because I insisted on taking band classes every semester even though I was not a music major!

JUNIOR – Holiday Bowl, 1984

USS Kitty Hawk

Here’s a great picture of us when we got to tour the USS Kitty Hawk in 1984.  Not only did we get to go to the Holiday Bowl (California), but other trips as well to nearby states for regular season games.  We typically traveled once per year and then again if the football team was invited to a bowl game.  These were long/ fun bus rides that included pit stops to see local attractions.  We visited Disneyland several times!  I can also remember visiting Hoover Dam and Mesa Verde.  My favorite trip involved a visit to an Indian reservation in Nevada where we put on our own parade.  We marched four across through a narrow rock ravine… the band extended back for about 50 rows!  The people on the reservation stood at the top of the ravines to watch.  It was so much fun to see their faces and hear the sounds of our playing echoing so loudly on the rock walls!  My senior year, the entire band was flown across the country to Florida; the year our football team won the national championship 🙂

SENIOR – Citrus Bowl, 1985

Band -Karen


*This is my sister, Karen, who joined the band for a couple of years.  My other sister, Shellie, was also in the band.  I am wearing an “alumni” shirt in this picture and had the opportunity to play with the band at a homecoming event.

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  1. Adrian Morgan
    Feb 03, 2017 @ 11:15:19

    Lorrie – I happened upon the picture of the Cougar band. I was glad to see it. I’ve not seen it for a long time. I was flooded with many wonderful memories. I am the Drum Major on the podium. It was a great band to be a part of, Thanks, again, for posting.

    Adrian Morgan


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