For Time and ALL Eternity

Dean-Lorrie, 1985This is where we stood, outside the Salt Lake Temple, just after we were sealed there 30-years ago today.  Sometimes it seems like it just happened yesterday.  Most of the time, it seems like we have always been together.  I guess that is good since we have covenanted to always be together. (Here is the newspaper article of our wedding announcement.)

Today, Dean and I sat in the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple and I reflected on the example of Eve.  I’m trying to understand her more inasmuch as I believe she can be symbolic of all women.  I won’t pretend to understand all that happened inside the Garden of Eden, but today I felt that the problem was mainly that Adam and Eve didn’t counsel together about partaking the fruit.  Maybe Adam didn’t even think to discuss it with Eve?  Maybe Eve thought there was no use discussing it with Adam?  We don’t know everything that happened although I do believe Eve gave it a lot of thought before partaking… it’s just that in this thing Eve did not appear to be united with Adam.  Assuming they both needed to partake of the fruit in order to have children, maybe they should have discussed it more or counseled together better about the matter?  I hope I don’t sound overly judgmental towards Adam and Eve.  I revere them… and I’m trying to understand them.  I can only imagine the joy Adam and Eve must have felt about the plan of redemption.  Thank heavens for Jesus Christ, our Savior.

I can just see satan trying to separate Adam and Eve.  Isn’t that what he strives to do with married couples today?  He strives to destroy families.  I think it is interesting that satan appears to approach Adam and Eve separately.  She had been taught that eating the fruit would make her die and satan deceives her about that.  When did she realize that eating the fruit had separated her from Adam… and would separate them from God?  Did satan think that Adam would refuse to accept the fruit from Eve?  Is there a reason Adam had to receive the fruit from Eve instead of vice versa?

When Eve approaches Adam she seems to be aware that they will be separated.  When Adam admits to God that he ate the fruit, he seems to be aware that Eve should remain with him.  I just think the Adam and Eve history is interesting and symbolical of what we have in the world today.  Satan strives to separate men and women and destroy their ability to establish families.  I want to be mindful of that in my own marriage to Dean and beware of the challenges that may tempt us to separate or at least to destroy our unity.  I am thankful to Eve for her courage in taking the fruit and setting in motion the opportunity for the rest of us to be born in mortality.  I am also grateful to Adam for realizing the need to follow Eve in this thing.

*Resources: Bible/ Genesis chpt.2; Book of Mormon/ 2 Nephi chpt.2; Pearl of Great Price/ Moses chpt.4

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