Dean is Old

This little baby, born feet first, just celebrated his 55th birthday earlier this month!  During the difficult delivery, mom said something whispered to her to give up on this baby, but she didn’t listen to that voice.Baby Dean

And… Emily is here!

At our family Christmas party, my sister Shellie announced that they would be adopting a FOURTH baby due to be born in January.  Well, that baby was suddenly born a few days later on December 29th!  My sisters’ family quickly drove to California where they are now waiting to bring baby Emily across state lines back to their home in New Mexico.  Introducing Ms. Emily Jean Erikson… this is baby Jess’ first cousin, once removed 🙂

Shellie & Emily

*I previously wrote a blog post about my sisters’ baby John

Jess is Here!

Deaths and births… the cycle of life!  Announcing the birth of my second grandbaby, another little girl, named Jessica Noelle!

Santa Jess

Mom and baby are both healthy and happy and were able to return home in time for Christmas.  Interestingly, their picture was included in a news article about the hospital changing names.  It’s interesting because I was also in the news at a very young age in the same newspaper!
Baby Jess in News

Lor in News2

Who is John Kelsey Erikson?

Newborn John“Baby John,” as he is known in our family, was my nephew.  He was born to my sister and brother-in-law, Shellie and Bill.  Today is the 17th anniversary of his death.  He was born 3-months premature and only lived 8-months.  The best description of John’s short life was given in this Eulogy by his father during the funeral.

John only weighed 1-lb 5-oz at birth.  My family was living in California and my sister’s family was living in Utah.  I never saw John alive.  My husband did see John while on a business trip to Utah.  He said you could put a wedding ring over John’s hand and all the way up his arm to the shoulder.

Tubed JohnJohn spent almost his entire life in the hospital, with the exception of two stroller rides.  When he was finally able to go home to his family, he lived there only one week before passing.  It’s almost as if he was hanging on to life for just that chance to live with his family for one brief, happy week.

Despite his health challenges, he did have a happy life… and was definitely well-loved.  He seemed to adore his older brother, James.  Elder James Erikson is currently serving an LDS mission in Ecuador.  If John were still alive, he would likely be preparing for his own mission before his 18th birthday in October.

JohnJamesI first saw Baby John in person the night before his funeral.  I helped my sister dress him for burial and held him for the first time.  I was astonished by my sister’s strength when she stood to bear testimony at the end of the funeral.  She said she knew she would have the opportunity to see John again and raise him as his mother.  When she said that, I also knew it was true!  Her tears were due to sadness for the long separation ahead.

John is buried at Vine Bluff Cemetery in Nephi, Utah.  Gone, but not forgotten.

Funeral Program (inside)             Funeral Program (outside)            Obituaries

Headstone- Erikson, John K

Baby Amelia

Baby AmeliaThis is Amelia!  She is my fourth daughter and last child.  My husband jinxed himself when our first girl was born and he said, “I wouldn’t care if we had ALL daughters!”  Well, that is what happened and now he claims he is estrogen challenged 🙂  Amelia was a great addition to a family of sisters and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What a blessed family we are!  Raising four girls has been a glorious experience for me.  If I could wish for one thing for my daughters, it would be that they could experience all the joys of motherhood that I have had.  There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than being a mommy.  Unless… it is being a grand-mommy!

Here are Amelia’s first few years, as documented by Sears…


Amelia -3moSIX MONTHS (with Sarah)

Amelia -6mo+Sarah-2yrNINE MONTHS

Amelia -9moTWELVE MONTHS (with sisters)

Amelia -12mo+SistersTHREE YEARS

Amelia -3yrFOUR YEARS

Amelia -4yr1

Baby Sarah

Baby SarahThis is my third daughter, Sarah, on her ‘birth’ day!  She was born 3-weeks early.  Dean was gone out-of-town on the night that I went into labor.  Not wanting to have this baby alone, I called him and told him to get back quick!  My brother was staying with me for this very reason, but I still didn’t want to go to the hospital without Dean.  So, I delayed going… and my labor had actually slowed by the time Dean arrived the next morning.  We decided to walk around the block to jump start the labor… bad idea!  Halfway around the block I could barely walk.  We quickly drove to the hospital and Sarah was born within 45-minutes.  The doctor didn’t make it to the delivery and the nurses were not happy with me!

It had been 4-years since the birth of Sarah’s older sister.  Time to visit Sears for pictures again 🙂

THREE MONTHS (with family)

Sarah -3mo+FamilySIX MONTHS



Sarah -12moTWO YEARS (with Amelia)

Amelia -6mo+Sarah-2yrTWO & HALF YEARS (with sisters)

Amelia -12mo+Sisters

Baby Darci

Baby DarciThis is my second daughter, Darci, in her hospital picture on the day she was born.  My only baldy!  What a beautiful baby; my easiest delivery and healthiest baby at birth.  She was the only one of my daughters to NOT have the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck at birth!

Just like her older sister, I began taking Darci for regular pictures at Sears… each time purchasing the discounted package.  She is my tallest gal and the one that looks most like her gorgeous daddy 🙂


Here are Darci’s first few years of life, according to Sears…

THREE MONTHS (with Lindsay)

Darci -3mo+Lindsay-2yrSIX MONTHS

Darci -6mo1aNINE MONTHS (with Lindsay)

Darci -9mo+Lindsay-2,5yrTWELVE MONTHS

Darci -12mo1TWO & HALF YEARS

Darci -2,5yr1TWO & HALF YEARS (with Lindsay)

Darci -2,5yr+Lindsay-4yr

Baby Lindsay

Baby LindsayThis is my first daughter, Lindsay, on the day she was born.  She had so much hair it looked like a wig!  The cone-shape of her head was due to the device used to assist her in a quick delivery.  It was a traumatic birth, but all turned out well.

I started a tradition of getting her picture taken regularly at Sears.  This was long before the day of digital cameras!  Sears offered discount photo packages.  Then once they took the first picture or two, and after the baby was “warmed up,” they would take a billion more pictures (seemed like) and try to sell them to you.  Of course the baby’s smile was much cuter on the later pictures, but I could only afford to purchase the discounted package.  Arms or legs might extend beyond the edge of the picture, but these photos are precious to me.

I am so glad I did this… and even with my subsequent daughters… in order to have a good record of growth!  So here is Lindsay’s first few years of life, as documented by Sears 🙂


Lindsay -3mo3SIX MONTHS

Lindsay -6mo1NINE MONTHS

Lindsay -9mo1TWELVE MONTHS


Lindsay -18mo1TWO YEARS (with Darci)

Lindsay -2yr+Darci-3moTWO & HALF YEARS (with Darci)

Lindsay -2,5yr+Darci-9moTHREE YEARS

Lindsay -3yr1FOUR YEARS

Lindsay -4yr1FOUR YEARS (with Darci)

Lindsay -4yr+Darci-2,5yrAnd lastly… below is Lindsay’s first daughter, Claire, who was born about two months ago!  My first grandchild 🙂



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