TODAY marks the 75th anniversary of  the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  Grandma Gwen (Dean’s mother) was born on Maui and was raised there by her grandmother.  December 7, 1941 was called “a date which will live in infamy” by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  A few years ago, Grandma Gwen sent us the following remembrance about her experience on that day:

“I was about 7-years-old when this harbor was bombed by the Japanese.  I had just reached the chapel in Kihei when the (LDS church) district leader Bro. Pia Cockett announced the bombing had taken place.  I did not understand bombs.  We were told to watch the sky for blue parachutes and report it to authorities.  I was terribly frightened but I did not know why I was to be frightened.  I did not understand.  He dropped me off in front of grandma’s home and I went in and told her we had to keep our windows blackened and no lights were to be exposed.  How frightened I was as grandma explained war and what it means.  We listened to the radio to get information and learned so many of our service men were killed in the raid on Oahu.  These men were preparing for war and they were killed because there was no alarm given of the planes which flew under radar into the islands.”

Dean is Old

This little baby, born feet first, just celebrated his 55th birthday earlier this month!  During the difficult delivery, mom said something whispered to her to give up on this baby, but she didn’t listen to that voice.Baby Dean

Fred is Gone

Fred's ProposalDean’s father, Fred Lewis Crandall Jr, passed away earlier this month.    This picture is one that he gave to mom when he proposed to her.  We will miss him, but his funeral was an inspiring event and celebration of a long-life well-lived.  He is gone, but not forgotten.

Obit- Crandall, Fred Jr

Eulogy- Crandall, Fred Jr

Funeral Prog- Crandall, Fred Jr (outside)

Funeral Prog- Crandall, Fred Jr (inside)

Dad had one younger brother, who was able to fly from Oregon for the funeral.  And, two of mom’s sisters were able to be there; one of which flew in from Hawaii and brought some beautiful tropical flowers.  Mom made the flower arrangements for the chapel.


Casket2- Crandall, Fred Jr



The 2nd Best Mission

Dean Call Envelope Dean Mission CallDean served in the Thailand Bangkok mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from July 1980 to July 1982.  I must say this mission is the second best mission in the church 😉  We attended many mission reunions with Dean’s mission president, Clyde T. Lowe.  Even in his old age, when memory was beginning to fade, this mission president attended those reunions.  I believe it was the longest running mission reunion of its era until his death in 2008 at age 92-years.  At these reunions, we would eat Thai food and then just sit and let President Lowe ramble on about missions and life and give counsel.  He was a beloved man and mission president.  This is a picture of all the missionaries during Dean’s time, standing in front of the chapel in Bangkok.  Dean is standing in the second row from the back, fourth missionary from the right.

Thailand Missionaries

Below is an earlier picture taken of Dean’s MTC group of Elders during July/Aug 1980.  At the time, there was a photo center in the University Mall that took ‘old timey’ photos.  Back row from L: Greg Hansen, Greg Peterson, John Green, Dean Crandall, James Ockey and Sterling Larson.  Front row from L: Richard Burton, Bill Beneke, Darryl Bond and David Haberkorn.

Thai MTC Group

Me & Dean & James Stewart

Jimmy Stewart Program

I love old movies.  Even when Dean and I were married, almost 30-years-ago, Jimmy Stewart was considered an “older” actor.  He was still very famous and I had seen several of his old movies.  On February 1st, 1985, we sat with Jimmy Stewart and his wife to watch one of those movies.  OK… he was seated up front and we were near the back of the de Jong Concert Hall on BYU Campus.  But we were breathing the same air as he was!

This was on the same day that Dean gave me my engagement ring.  We had gotten engaged about one month before.  Dean surprised me by purchasing a pearl ring and hiding it in my apartment.  When I arrived home from class, my roommates were grinning with anticipation as I started looking for my ring with the “treasure hunt” notes that Dean had created.  What a romantic dude, but I was so self-conscious about it!  Now, with a ring on my finger, I guess we were officially going to get married 🙂

Jimmy Stewart was being honored in Utah for his wonderful life.  The Brigham Young University, the City of Provo and the State of Utah had proclaimed “Jimmy Stewart” week from Jan. 28th to Feb. 1st, 1985.  Jimmy Stewart was a beloved actor who also had a distinguished military career.  Miraculously, he had chosen to give his memoirs to BYU and Dean and I had tickets to the event!  After a brief introduction and then comments from Mr. Stewart, we found that we were going to watch his favorite of his movies… “It’s a Wonderful Life.”  The lights dimmed and we watched it on 35mm film… what a fabulous experience!  Now, even after almost 30-years, we still keep our tradition of watching It’s a Wonderful Life every Christmas Eve… preferably the black & white version.


Finding Deano

Can you spot Dean in the group pictures below?

Dean 1stGradeFirst Grade: 1967-68… Dean is at left in the third row from top!


Dean 4thGradeFourth Grade: 1970-71… Dean is second from right on top row!


Dean 6thGradeSixth Grade: 1972-73… Dean is at center in top row!


HolidayInn TeamLittle League/ Minors… Dean is in back with the Superman glasses 😉


Teleprompter TeamLittle League/ Majors… Dean is in back, love those glasses!


Dean Mish KidsThailand Bangkok Mission: 1980-82… Can you find Dean?!

Yes… Thirty Times!

Dean+Lorrie1Thirty years ago today… at noon… a man named Dean asked me to change my name.  Because I was scared, and even though I knew what he was really asking, I said “Change my name to what?”  This forced him to spell it out.  He said “Lorrie, I’m asking you to marry me!”  How did we suddenly get to this point?!

Dean and I had been dating and hanging out and basically spending almost every day together for 3 months, but I hadn’t seriously thought of marriage and had only recently (the week before) realized that I “loved” this dude.  Yes, I enjoyed kissing him… a lot.  And, it was flattering to have someone want to hold my hand and put his arm around me, but marriage means making babies together and, basically, spending the rest of eternity together!  In that one moment, I realized the direction we had been heading and it scared me.  Was I really someone he could love forever?

Besides, I was making other plans.  I was planning to change my major to Chinese.  I was making plans to go to China to teach English.  I guess I thought we would write and continue our friendship, etc.  I just didn’t have marriage on my immediate horizon.  Before he popped the question, I had been talking and laughing and telling lots of stories; he was uncharacteristically quiet or serious and I had a strange premonition about what was about to happen.  After he popped the question, our roles reversed.  I suddenly clammed up and he did all the talking.  I don’t really know what he said with the exception of one thing, he said I didn’t have to answer right away.  We returned to my house, said good-bye to my parents and left to drive back to Provo.  He listened to the radio as he drove.  I just sat and thought about the possibility of marriage and what it would mean for me.

Dean dropped me off at my apartment in Provo and reminded me that he would see me later that night for another event.  I already had the car door open, but I said “OK” and then headed straight to my apartment.  I walked in the front door and noticed no one else was home.  I walked straight to my bed and knelt down and said, “Heavenly Father: Dean has asked me to marry him and I’m going to say yes… is that OK?”  I had a sudden warm feeling in my heart that that was exactly what I should do.  It is strange to think about it now, because all of my eternity hinged on that warm feeling.

Later, when Dean picked me up, I said “Do you remember that question you asked me today?”  Of course he did!  I said, “The answer is yes, but we can’t tell anybody yet… we need to wait a couple of weeks.”  I still needed time to think and get used to the idea, and I wanted to have the opportunity to back out if needed.  I can’t imagine how hurtful that was for him, except that he was probably scared as well.  Every New Year’s Day for thirty years, Dean has made it a point to ask me if I would say yes again.  I confess that some years I’ve made him wait while I ponder the eternities and what I’ve gotten myself into.  However other years, such as today, the answer is an immediate and resounding YES!



Gwen, ChildThis is Gwendolyn Kuulei Felisa Arce, my mother-in-law!  She was born on 20 May 1934 in Kihei, Maui.  Her father, Esteban Arce, and her mother, Helen Kang, divorced soon afterwards.  Mom ended up being raised along with several cousins on Maui by her maternal grandmother, Julia Saffery.  They were poor, but mom has recounted stories of her grandmother to us.  Grandma Saffery often fished and/ or harvested seaweed in the ocean to provide for her family.

In 2007, Mom and Dad sponsored a family reunion in Hawaii for all their children/ grandchildren.  During that special trip, mom acted as a tour guide telling us about her childhood in Hawaii.  Most memorable for me were her stories as a 7-yr-old girl trying to understand the bombing of Pearl Harbor and later, the way her life was changed when a teacher took notice of her and helped her earn a scholarship to Mid-Pacific Institute on Oahu.  Education changed her life.  Here are the memories she emailed to us in preparation for that family reunion.

Gwen, NurseMom studied nursing and finished her education in St. Louis, Missouri.  I think about her life as a small child on Maui… not the most auspicious of beginnings.  The confusing family situation with cousins and there were step-brothers/ sisters on other islands.  God took notice of her and blessed her with opportunities; she took advantage of those opportunities to work hard and succeed, despite her fears.  I admire her courage and fierce desire to follow Christ; she considered becoming a nun, but her studies instead led her to grow stronger in her original faith.

Gwen met Fred in St. Louis.  Their love developed slowly; likely because she was cautious and may not have felt she could trust in the arm of flesh as much as she trusted in God.  When it seemed that it would not work out, that is when he called for her to join him in Germany.  Imagine the trust it took for her to join him then!  The long trip on the ship… disembarking to see him waiting… theirs is a true love story.

I love you mom!!  Thanks for your example of courage and trust in God despite any stumbling blocks.  May you be blessed with the energy you desire to continue caring for the man you love.  May you be confident in the love of your children and their knowledge of your many sacrifices.  Merry Christmas!


Simply Fred

It is not Frederick, his name is simply… Fred, after his own father.  He is my father-in-law and I love him!  I think the best way to describe him is to say that he is truly a man without guile or deception.  He is a kind and gentle man of God.

Fred, BabyFred Jr. is the first of two sons born to Fred & Alma Crandall.  He was born on 11 May 1928 in Pueblo, Colorado.  He was given the middle name of Lewis after his paternal grandmother who had been widowed at a young age, but who had raised 5 children on her own.  He was given the nickname of Ted or Teddy as a child.

Dad was raised in Wyoming where he learned to love fishing and camping.  His family eventually moved to California where he graduated from Glendale High.  Shown below is a picture of the youth group with whom he enjoyed many firesides and gained a stronger testimony of Jesus Christ!  Here is the letter he wrote on the back, listing the names of those in the picture.  He is second from right in the back.

Fireside Group

Mission Pamphlet1Fred later attended BYU and also served a mission in the Northern States Mission; he was set apart by Elder Harold B. Lee.  After finishing at BYU, he was accepted into the dental school at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.  It was there that he met and fell in love with “Gwenny.”  What a challenge it was for him when beloved leaders and family members counseled him against marrying her because of her Polynesian background.  In the end, he found he couldn’t live without her.  He had been stationed in Germany several weeks when he sent for her and they were married in the Swiss Temple.

Fred Jr. with Fishing BuddiesCran Fam, ChristmasHere’s a picture of Dad with two fishing buddies.  My husband Dean is on the right.  And another picture of the whole Crandall family at Christmas, likely about 1973-74.  Dean, with glasses, looks a lot like his father did at the same age.

Thanks Dad!  Thanks for loving your wife… your children… and your grandchildren.  You have blessed us with your righteous example and happy, loving ways.  I admire your integrity and valiant service.  I am grateful to be a part of the family!

Polynesian Pioneers

We spent Pioneer Day in the little ghost town of Iosepa, Utah.  After 2 hours on the mountain, we found it… Story Rock!  Iosepa is where early Polynesian saints settled in order to be nearer to LDS church headquarters during 1889 to 1917.  Story Rock is where those early pioneers carved sea creatures (i.e. petroglyphs) reminiscent of their homeland.  We first became aware of Iosepa a few years ago when our daughters’ halau hula (i.e. dance group) were scheduled to dance there on Memorial Day.  We were impressed by the new structures including a large pavilion/stage and restrooms as well as fenced in protection for the little cemetery/ memorial.  Today we noticed even more improvements including more restrooms, small playground, and BBQ pits near the covered cooking stations with running water.  The annual luaus (always during Memorial Day weekend) have grown and feature teaching stations for Hawaiian cooking and craft skills.

My husband claims 2 different connections to Iosepa through Kahana Pukahi & Kaloi Hawele, both pioneers that lived there.  Dean’s uncle, Daniel Pukahi, is a grandson of this couple.  Also, Kaloi Hawele is a sister to Dean’s 2nd great-grandmother, Kaluna Hawele.  According to the genealogical website mentioned below, Kahana Pukahi may have traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah (from Kauai) as early as 1873.  Kaloi also traveled to Utah (from Maui) as a young teen.  Both traveled with missionaries.  They met in Utah and were married in the Logan Temple on 1 Apr 1891.  LDS church membership records indicate they had 9 children in Iosepa, two of whom died as babies and were buried there.  Here is the 1910 US Fed Census showing them with seven living children living in Utah.  However, the Pukahi ‘Ohana returned to Hawaii in time to show up on the 1920 US Fed Census (shows parents and three youngest, unmarried children) with the exception of the oldest son, William, who registered for the army on 2 Jun 1917 in Los Angeles, California.

*Go to this KSL article to read about the history of Iosepa!

*Go to this Bonneville Mariner blog and scroll through the archives to read more information about Story Rock, the annual luau, and the 2008/2009 archaeological dig at Iosepa!

*Darci and Amelia resting in the shade of Story Rock!

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