Jess is Here!

Deaths and births… the cycle of life!  Announcing the birth of my second grandbaby, another little girl, named Jessica Noelle!

Santa Jess

Mom and baby are both healthy and happy and were able to return home in time for Christmas.  Interestingly, their picture was included in a news article about the hospital changing names.  It’s interesting because I was also in the news at a very young age in the same newspaper!
Baby Jess in News

Lor in News2

Half Century

3rd Grade 1970-71I cannot believe I am now 50 years old… young!  This is me in 3rd grade during 1970-71.  I remember I woke up that morning and told my mom it was picture day.  She was angry because there was no time to fix my sleep-disheveled hair.  But, she made the groovy striped vest I am wearing.

We went to Disneyland to celebrate my 50th birthday!  Actually, Dean had a business trip to California so I decided to go along and we took Sarah & Amelia as well.  It was 3 days of motion sickness, lack of sleep and lots of fun!

The talks in church last Sunday were about “seasons” in our lives.  It seems we’re always looking forward to the next season… I can’t wait until this baby is born, until this baby is out of diapers, until this child goes to school, etc.  Well, I am enjoying the time we have with our 2 youngest (teenaged) daughters right now!  We loved the long drive and time spent in California with them.  Before we know it, they will be off to college and then… just around the corner… is the wonderful promise of grandchildren!!

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