John A Lewis – 1854

John A Lewis

John Amos Lewis, Dean’s 3rd great-grandfather, traveled with a second wife and children to the Salt Lake valley in the Darwin Richardson company, arriving in September 1854.  His first wife died in Wales and he remarried there before emigrating to America.

-John Amos Lewis was born on 11 Dec 1814 at Llandaff, Glamorganshire, Wales to Edmund Lewis and Amelia Preese.  Here is John’s biography, written by a granddaughter.

-Ann John was born on 3 May 1818 at Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales to John John and Elizabeth David.

-John & Ann were married about 1834 at Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales.

First child, Ann, was born on 25 Jun 1836 at Cardiff.  Ann wrote an autobiography.

-Second child, Fred, was born about 1837 at Cardiff.  He died there the following year.

-Third child, Mary, was born on 22 Nov 1839 at Cardiff.

-Fourth child, Amelia, was born on 20 Feb 1841 at Cardiff.

FredrickLewis1-Fifth child, Dean’s 2nd great-grandfather (at left) Fredrick, was born on 29 May 1844 at Cardiff.  He later married Agnes Reed Ferguson, daughter of Andrew Ferguson and Catherine Douglas.  HERE is the page for Andrew Ferguson.

-Sixth and Seventh children, twins William and Preese were born on 6 Jan 1847 at Cardiff.  Preese died and, unfortunately, daughter Amelia also died later that same year.

Ann John Headstone-Mother, Ann, died on 10 May 1850 and was buried at Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales.

-Listed in the 1851 Wales Census was John and his four living children as well as his mother and stepfather (Amelia & William Harding), all living in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales.  (Daughter, Ann’s age was mis-transcribed; she was actually age 15.)

-John remarried to Priscilla Merriman Phillips (widow) on 30 Aug 1851 at Cardiff.  She was born on 22 Feb 1811 in Wales.  She had one previous daughter (Mary Louise Phillips) and a niece (Caroline Matthias) that she raised.  Together, John & Priscilla had a daughter (Amelia Priscilla) on 3 Jun 1852.

-John & Priscilla were contacted by missionaries and accepted the Gospel.  John was baptized on 18 Dec 1852 and Priscilla was baptized in March 1853.  John’s mother, Amelia, was reportedly unhappy with their decision.  But they determined to leave persecution behind and emigrate with other saints to America.  John was wealthy and paid for many families of their branch to emigrate with them.  They sailed on the ‘Golconda‘ which arrived in New Orleans on 18 Mar 1854.  John helped his branch outfit for the trip to Salt Lake in the company previously mentioned.  During their travel, John & Priscilla had a son (John Samuel) on 13 Jul 1854 in Nebraska.

-John & Priscilla received their endowments and were sealed on 15 Mar 1858 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake.

-Listed in the 1860 US Fed Census were John & Priscilla with five children living in Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah.

-John was sealed to Gwen Morgan on 21 Dec 1867 in the Endowment House, according to ordinance records.  She was born on 15 Mar 1800 and had emigrated to America with other members of John’s branch in Wales.

-Listed in the 1870 US Fed Census were John and two wives with three children living in Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah.

-John was sealed to his first wife, Ann John, in the Endowment House on 7 Sep 1870.

-Listed in the 1880 US Fed Census were John & Priscilla living in Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah.

-Gwen died on 1 Jul 1882 and was buried at Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah.

-Priscilla died on 24 Jun 1887 and was buried at Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah.

-John died on 4 Nov 1887 and was buried at Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????*These are the surviving children of John Lewis & Ann John, photo likely taken in the early 1900’s.  Left to Right: Fredrick, Ann, Mary, and William.

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