Peter Wimmer – 1850

Peter Wimmer

Peter Wimmer, Dean’s 4th great-grandfather, and wife traveled to the Salt Lake valley in the James Pace company, arriving in September 1850.  Several of their children traveled to Salt Lake as well and that information will be listed below.

-Peter Wimmer was born on 17 Apr 1782 at Somerville, Somerset, New Jersey to Jacob Wimmer and Jemima Laboyteaux.

-Elizabeth Shirley was born on 11 Jun 1785 at Chambersburg, Franklin, Pennsylvania to Robert Shirley and Susan Baker.

-Peter & Elizabeth were married about 1801 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

First child, Jacob, was born about 1802 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.  (He established a family in Illinois and eventually died in Iowa after 1870.)

-Second child, Charity, was born about 1804 in Westmoreland County.  The birth of this daughter is assumed based on temple work that was completed on 28 Sep 1888 when she and two brothers (Robert & John) were sealed to their parents in the Manti Temple.

-Third child, Robert, was born on 11 Dec 1805 in Greensburg, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.  (He eventually brought his family to the Salt Lake valley in his own company, the Robert Wimmer company, arriving on 15 Sep 1852.)

-Fourth child, Dean’s 3rd great-grandfather John, was born on 1 Mar 1808 at Greensburg, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.  (He and his family eventually traveled to the Salt Lake valley in the same company with his parents.  For more information, go to his page HERE.)

-Fifth child, Peter Laboyteaux, was born on 5 Apr 1810 at Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.  (He eventually married the sister of George Harlan and, after her death, took his second wife and followed George to California where he discovered the ‘Wimmer Nugget.’  He died in California in 1892.)

-Sixth child, Polly, was born about 1812 at Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.  (She was eventually married in 1833 and reportedly died in 1839.)

-Seventh child, Jemima, was born on 14 Mar 1814 at Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.  (She and her family eventually traveled to the Salt Lake valley in her brother Robert’s company in 1852.)

-Eighth child, Susannah, was born on 11 Oct 1817 at Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio.  (Both she and her husband were endowed in the Nauvoo Temple on 5 Jan 1846.  They eventually lived with their children in Iowa and did not travel to Salt Lake to settle.)

-Ninth child, Ellen, was born about 1820 at Ross, Butler, Ohio.  (She is listed with her father’s family traveling to Salt Lake with the same company.)

-Listed in the 1820 US Fed Census was Peter Wimmer with a wife and eight children (not including Charity), living in Ross, Butler, Ohio.

-Tenth child, William, was born about 1821 at Ross, Butler, Ohio.  (He likely died before 1830 inasmuch as he doesn’t show up in that census.)

-Eleventh child, Elizabeth, was born abt 1823 at Henry County, Indiana.  (She and her family traveled to Salt Lake with the same company as her parents.  Her husband, Andrew Goodwin, is mentioned on 3 Jul 1850 in one history of the company.  After arriving in Salt Lake, her family almost immediately left for California where they settled.)

-Twelfth child, Martha, was born on 18 Jun 1825 at Henry County, Indiana.  (She joined the re-organized LDS church and eventually settled with her family in Iowa and did not travel to Salt Lake.)

-Listed in the 1830 US Fed Census was Peter Wimmer with a wife and six female children (not including William or the four oldest/married sons), living in Henry County, Indiana.

-Peter was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1831.  Elizabeth was likely baptized around the same time; a couple of other children were baptized in Illinois.

-Listed in the 1840 Illinois Census was the name of P. Wimmer, living in Adams County, Illinois.

-Listed in the 1850 US Fed Census were Peter & Elizabeth and some family members as well as other unknown persons, living in Salt Lake.

-Less than a year later, Peter & Elizabeth left Utah and went to California with a few other family members.  They had likely heard from their son, Peter, about his find of gold in California.

-Peter & Elizabeth left California and traveled back to the Salt Lake valley with the Frederick A. Mitchell company, arriving on 26 Oct 1858.  The trail excerpt specifically mentions them by name.  They were both over 70-years-old.  They were both re-baptized.

-Peter & Elizabeth were sealed in the Endowment House on 7 Feb 1860; they both received their endowments there on 16 May 1860.

-Listed in the 1860 US Fed Census were Peter & Elizabeth, living with their son Robert’s family in Salt Lake.  (However, the link shows them living with a “Covert” family because the pages are out of order!)

-Elizabeth died on 31 Aug 1862 and was buried in the Springville City cemetery, Utah.

-Peter was married to Mary Lisonbee on 9 Apr 1863.

-Peter died on 27 May 1864 and was buried in the Springville City cemetery, Utah.  His church records indicate he died in 1864; however, cemetery records say he died in 1861?!

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  1. Dorothy Warren
    Jul 08, 2014 @ 23:00:18

    Thank you for posting this information. I have been searching for this for a long time. Peter Wimmer is my fourth great grandfather. My father joined the LDS church in 1961. I always thought we had some pioneer heritage and today I confirmed it. I just wish I had found this before my children went on Trek this summer. Thanks again, Dorothy


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