James Bowers – 1856

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJames Bowers, my 3rd great-grandfather, died and was buried in Iowa just after his family left for Salt Lake in the Edmund Ellsworth company.  His wife, Maria and children arrived in the Salt Lake valley on 26 Sep 1856.

-James was born on 27 Jan 1811 at Wrexham, Shropshire, England to Joseph Sansom Bowers and Isabella Haldren.

-Maria Lay was born on 3 Nov 1806 at Dudley, Worcestershire, England to Thomas Lay and Sarah Turner.

-James & Maria were married on 1 Apr 1833 at Tipton Church, Staffordshire, England.

First child, David, was born on 1 Jun 1829 at Dudley, Staffordshire, England.  Second child, Jobe, was born on 6 Sep 1832 at Oldbury, Worcestershire, England.  These first two children were either born before James & Maria were married, or they do not really belong as children to this family.  More research is needed.

-Third child, Isabella, was born on 27 Jul 1834 at Oldbury, Worcestershire, England.

-Fourth child, Joseph, was born on 16 May 1836 at Oldbury and died there that same year.

-Fifth & sixth children, Hezekiah and Sarah, were born on 13 Jul 1837 at Oldbury, Worcestershire, England.

-Seventh child, Abraham, was born on 26 Dec 1839 at Oldbury, Worcestershire, England.

-James was baptized on 7 Jan 1841, according to church ordinance records.

-Listed in the 1841 England Census were James & Maria with 6 children living in Oldbury, Worcestershire, England.  (James’ name was on the previous page and does not show up on this attachment.)

-Eighth child, Isaac, was born on 6 Nov 1841 at Oldbury, Worcestershire, England.

-Ninth child, my 2nd great-grandfather Jacob, was born on 10 Mar 1844 at Oldbury, Worcestershire, England.  He later married Caroline Goble, daughter of William Goble.  HERE is the page for William Goble.  Jacob & Caroline became long time residents of Nephi, Juab, Utah.  Here is a biography for Jacob Bowers.

-Tenth child, Isaiah, was born on 21 Apr 1846 at Oldbury, Worcestershire, England.

-Maria was baptized in 1846, according to church ordinance records.

-Eleventh child, Shadrack, was born on 25 Jun 1849 at Oldbury, Worcestershire, England.

-Over the next few years, James had two younger brothers and a younger sister emigrate to America before him.  Even his mother, Isabella Haldren Bowers sailed to America and ended up dying in St. Louis in 1849.

-Listed in the 1851 England Census were James & Maria with 7 children living in Oldbury, Worcestershire, England.  James worked as a coal miner.

-James & Maria left England and sailed to America on the ‘Enoch Train‘ arriving at Boston on 1 May 1856.  After approximately one month, the family had made their way to Iowa and were preparing to travel to the Salt Lake valley.  They departed on 9 Jun 1856.

-James died on 21 Jun 1856 and was buried in Polk County, Iowa.

-Listed in the 1860 US Fed Census was Maria working as a seamstress and living in Nephi, Juab, Utah.  A few of her children settled in Nephi as well.  Maria was not found in the 1870 Census.

-Listed in the 1880 US Fed Census was Maria living with a son in Nephi, Juab, Utah.

-Maria died on 8 Nov 1889 and was buried at Nephi, Juab, Utah.

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  1. Rob Bowers
    Jan 13, 2015 @ 20:48:30

    Hi, Interesting. I noticed your group record from 2013 for the Bowers family. For informational purposes, Joseph Bowers and Isabella Haldren had another child while in Wrexham, Wales, that you do not have listed. This child turned up while researching the family. (Wrexham btw is in Wales, Not Shropshire…you have it listed as Shropshire under James Bowers)
    A copy of the West Bromwich Branch Records where James Bowers told the clerk that his birthplace was in Wales has also been added to Family Search under James Bowers.
    The missing child (James older brother John#1) is also named John Bowers (1809-1815)
    John Bowers #2–the one that most families are familiar with –was born after the death of the first John Bowers.
    In England and other European countries it was not uncommon after the death of a child to name another child by the same name. This happened here. The proof is in the original parish record where it identifies both Joseph and Bella Bowers as parents from Dudley. Josephs profession is also correctly identified.

    That information has been added to Family Search. If you are interested in more information fill free to reach out to us.

    We have copies of records proving that the family did indeed move around.


    Rob Bowers


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