Lorenzo Johnson – 1852

Lorenzo Johnson

Lorenzo Johnson, my 3rd great-grandfather, traveled with his first wife and children to the Salt Lake valley with the William West Lane company, arriving in Salt Lake on 24 Sep 1852.  Lorenzo served as counselor to Bishop Lane during the trip.

-Lorenzo was born on 17 Apr 1813 at Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut to Didymus Johnson and Rheuama Stevens.  He was the twelfth of 13 children; two older brothers also ended up in Utah.

-Lorenzo married Mary Lyman on 30 Dec 1832 at Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut.  She was the widow of his older brother, William.

-Lorenzo & Mary moved to Michigan and then reportedly accepted the Gospel in Ohio during 1837; he traveled to Nauvoo and left there to gather with others in Iowa. Listed in the 1850 US Fed Census were Lorenzo & Mary with seven children, living in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

-Lorenzo stayed in Iowa for a few years until all were counseled to gather in Salt Lake.  After traveling only a few days, cholera struck the company and the youngest daughter (Emily Miranda) died at age 2-years.  Upon arriving in the Utah territory, Lorenzo settled his family in Springville near his older brothers.

-Lorenzo married a second wife, Ruth Sawyer Drury, on 23 Mar 1854.  The following year on 10 Nov 1855, he was sealed to his first wife Mary in the Endowment House.

-Lorenzo married his third and fourth wives both on 1 Mar 1857 in the President’s Office, Salt Lake City.  They were Mary Ann Hall and my 3rd great-grandmother, Emma Jane James, shown below.  Emma was born on 8 Jun 1839 at Pinvin, Worcestershire, England to William James and Jane Haynes.  HERE is the page for William James.

Emma Jane James-Lorenzo received a Patriarchal Blessing on 7 Mar 1857 by Isaac Morly, Sr.  The following year, Lorenzo received another Patriarchal Blessing on 5 Jul 1858 and Emma received her Patriarchal Blessing on 6 Jul 1858, both performed by C.W. Hyde.

First child, Emma Ozella, was born on 17 Oct 1858 at Springville, Utah County, Utah.

-Listed in the 1860 US Fed Census was Lorenzo and all four wives with a total of six children, living in Springville, Utah, Utah.

-Second child, James Parley, was born on 2 Sep 1860 at Springville, Utah, Utah.

-Third child, Orissa Jane, was born on 13 Jul 1862 at Springville, Utah, Utah.

-Fourth child, Martha Sylvania, was born on 3 Aug 1864 at Springville, Utah, Utah.

-Fifth child, my 2nd great-grandmother Mary Ann Viola, was born on 7 Aug 1866 at Springville, Utah, Utah.  She married William Abraham Bowles, the son of Thomas Bowles, son of Edward Bowles.  HERE is the page for Edward Bowles.

-Sixth child, Sarah Maria, was born on 20 Aug 1868 at Springville, Utah, Utah.

-Lorenzo received yet another Patriarchal Blessing on 25 Dec 1869 by John Smith.

-Listed in the 1870 US Fed Census were Lorenzo & Emma and their first six children, living in Springville.  Other wives/children were listed separately.

-Lorenzo’s second wife, Ruth Sawyer Drury, died on 13 Apr 1871 and was buried in Springville.  (She had a total of 3 children with Lorenzo, two of which lived to adulthood.)

-Seventh child, George Aaron, was born on 2 May 1871 at Cedar City, Iron, Utah.  Lorenzo had been called to help settle the “muddy” north of St. George.

-Lorenzo died on 25 Apr 1872 and was buried in the Monroe City Cemetery, Sevier County, Utah.  Here is a brief personal history.

-This is a photo of Emma with her five daughters by Lorenzo Johnson.  From L to R, I believe they are: Mary Ann Viola, Orissa Jane, Martha Sylvania, Emma Ozella, Sarah Maria, and Emma.

JAMES, Emma and five daughters

-Listed in the 1880 US Fed Census was Emma and six chidren, living in Nephi.  She had remarried to John Rowley in Oct 1873 at Nephi, Juab County, Utah and had two more children.  She lived separately from him after a couple of years because he took her two oldest daughters for wives.  She then resumed the name of Johnson.

-Lorenzo’s third wife, Mary Ann Hall, died on 17 Sep 1900 and was buried at Springville.  (She had a total of 6 children with Lorenzo and all lived to adulthood.  She remarried after Lorenzo’s death and had two more children.)

-Lorenzo’s first wife, Mary Lyman, died on 7 Jan 1904 and was buried next to Lorenzo at Monroe, Sevier, Utah.  (She had a total of 7 children with Lorenzo and one daughter with Lorenzo’s brother, whom she had married first.)

-Emma could not be found in the 1900 US Fed Census.  Listed in the 1910 US Fed Census was Emma and her 95-yr-old mother, living in Provo, Utah County, Utah.

-Listed in the 1920 US Fed Census was Emma living with a daughter’s family (Bowles) in Nephi, Juab, Utah.

-Emma died on 27 Mar 1926 in Nephi and was buried next to her mother in Provo, Utah, Utah.

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  1. Joshua Johnson
    Nov 23, 2013 @ 22:21:33

    Compiling a family history and want to cite a source on the patriarchal blessings – you got them from LDS church records, right?


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