Meltiar Hatch – 1849

MeltiarHatch1Meltiar Hatch, my 3rd great-grandfather, first entered the Salt Lake valley after serving in the Mormon Battalion.  He then retrieved his family in Nebraska and traveled to Salt Lake in the Allen Taylor Company.  Much of his story has been alluded to on his father’s page HERE.

-Meltiar was born on 15 Jul 1825 at Farmersville, Cattaraugus, New York to Ira Stearns Hatch and Wealthea Bradford.  His parents joined the church in 1832/34 and moved their growing family to Ohio and Illinois.  Meltiar’s mother died on 3 Nov 1841 at Eaton Farm near Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.

-Meltiar was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in June 1842.  He lived in Nauvoo and participated in the Nauvoo Legion.  He was ordained to the 15th Quorum of the Seventy in 1845.

-Meltiar married Permelia Snyder on 27 Dec 1845 in Hancock County, Illinois.  (She was born on 7 Oct 1827 in St. Lawrence County, New York.  Meltiar & Permelia eventually had a total of 9 children together.)

-The family left Nauvoo with Brigham Young in 1846.  When they reached Iowa, Meltiar and his 16-yr-old brother Orin were pressed into service with the Mormon Battalion.  Meltiar was reportedly instrumental in keeping his brother alive.  They eventually marched almost 2000 miles to San Diego, California.  Meltiar and Orin were released from their service with the battalion and worked at Sutter’s Mill near Sacramento, where gold was discovered on 24 Jan 1848.  They left there in July and traveled with others to the Salt Lake valley.  (They helped bury the three men killed at Tragedy Spring.)  When they arrived in Salt Lake (Sep 1848), their family was not there.  So, Meltiar and Orin staked a squatter’s claim near present-day Woods Cross, Utah and prepared to retrieve their family from Winter Quarters, Nebraska.

-Meltiar retrieved the family, including: his father, a new step-mother, and his four younger siblings as well as his wife and young son that he hadn’t seen for almost two years.  They arrived in Salt Lake in Oct 1849 as mentioned above.

-Listed in the 1850 US Fed Census were Meltiar & Permelia with two young children, living near other family members in Davis County, Utah.  Meltiar & Permelia were endowed and sealed on 10 Nov 1855 in the Endowment House.  Subsequently, Meltiar was ordained an Elder on 18 Apr 1856 and was instructed to take a second wife before embarking on a mission to Carson Valley.

Mary Ann Ellis Hatch-Meltiar married Mary Ann Ellis on 6 May 1856 in the Endowment House.  She was born on 30 Dec 1840 at Quincy, Adams, Illinois to John Ellis and Harriet Hales.  Here is her personal history.

First child, John Henry, was born on 22 Jul 1857 at Eagleville, Iron, Utah.

-The families in Carson Valley were reportedly called back to Salt Lake during the “Utah War.”  Meltiar took his two wives and children to live near Permelia’s family in Summit County, Utah and then later returned to Carson Valley.

-Second child, my 2nd great-grandfather Elias, was born on 23 May 1859 at Parley’s Park, Summit, Utah.

-Meltiar’s families were not found in the 1860 US Fed Census.

-Third child, Julia Ann, was born on 11 Aug 1861 at Parley’s Park, Summit, Utah.

-Fourth child, King David, was born on 21 Jul 1864 at Eagleville, Iron, Utah.

-In 1866, the State of Nevada realigned their boundaries and claimed parts of Utah and Arizona.  Thinking they were still part of Utah, many families continued to pay taxes to the State of Utah for a few years.  Later, most families moved when they were threatened with lawsuits for back taxes.  Meltiar’s families moved near Panguitch, Utah before 1872.

-Fifth child, Harriet, was born on 19 Sep 1867 at Carson Valley, Lincoln, Nevada.

-Sixth child, Myra Isabell, was born on 12 May 1870 at Carson Valley, Lincoln, Nevada.

-Listed in the 1870 US Fed Census were Meltiar & Permelia with their children, living in Eagleville, Iron, Utah.  (Meltiar’s name was erroneously listed as “Weltha R”)  Mary Ann and her children were not found in the 1870 census.

-In 1872, Meltiar established Hatch Town, which is about 15-miles south of Panguitch.  It actually started as a cattle ranch and a cabin that Meltiar built next to the river.

-Seventh child, Margaret, was born on 20 Jun 1874 at Panguitch, Garfield, Utah.

-Eighth child, Rhoana Elizabeth, was born on 16 Mar 1877 at Hatch, Garfield, Utah.

-Ninth child, Mary Ann, was born on 10 Mar 1880 at Hatch, Garfield, Utah.

-Listed in the 1880 US Fed Census were Meltiar & Mary Ann with their children, living in Hillsdale, Iron, Utah.  Listed separately, were Permelia and her children living in Panguitch, Iron, Utah.  (Both cities were actually in Garfield County.  Hillsdale is about 9-miles south of Panguitch.)

-Tenth child, Permelia, was born on 23 May 1882 at Hatch, Garfield, Utah.

-Meltiar received a Patriarchal Blessing on 27 Oct 1890 at the age of 65-years-old.  Five years later, Meltiar died on 8 Jul 1895 and was buried at Hatch, Garfield, Utah.

-Listed in the 1900 US Fed Census was Mary Ann, living with her youngest daughter at Hillsdale, Garfield, Utah.  Listed separately, was Permelia and a lodger also living at Hillsdale.

-Listed in the 1910 US Fed Census were both Mary Ann and Permelia, still living at Hillsdale.

-Mary Ann Ellis Hatch died on 20 Aug 1914 and was buried next to Meltiar at Hatch Town.

-Permelia Snyder Hatch died on 21 Sep 1917 and was also buried next to Meltiar at Hatch Town.

Harriet-Rhoana-MaryAnnEllis-MaryAnn-Julia & Myra-Margaret-Permelia*This is Mary Ann Ellis Hatch with her daughters!  From left to right at front: Harriet, Rhoana, MARYANN, MaryAnn, and Julia.  And, from left to right in back: Myra, Margaret, and Permelia.


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  1. Ryan Houston
    Jul 21, 2015 @ 00:01:58

    Thanks for the picture Rhoana is one of my great, great, great grandmothers


  2. Clara G Beus
    Oct 30, 2015 @ 13:44:59

    Is it possible the picture you’ve posted on this Life and Times page is not Meltiar Hatch, but Richard Wesley McAllister? Both gentlemen are my gr-gr-grandfathers. Thank you for a reply a reply. Clara Goates Beus –


    • lcrandall
      Nov 01, 2015 @ 17:39:18

      Now I’m not sure! I got this picture either online or in family search. BUT… I have removed it and replaced it with another one, which I hope is the actual Meltiar Hatch 🙂


  3. Clara G Beus
    Nov 15, 2015 @ 18:39:35

    Thanks, beautiful work. Yes, this is the picture we have been told to recognize as Meltiar Hatch.


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