William Goble – 1856


William Goble and Mary Penfold, my 3rd great-grandparents, traveled to the Salt Lake Valley in the John A. Hunt Company, arriving on 11 Dec 1856.  That same day, Mary died about 8 miles before reaching the valley.

-William Goble was born on 25 Feb 1817 at Singleton, Sussex, England to William Goble and Harriet Johnson.

-Mary Penfold was born on 26 Sep 1814 at Chailey, Sussex, England to John Penfold and Sarah Burtonshaw.  Here is family history information about her family.

-William & Mary were married on 12 Jan 1841 at St. Nicholas Church, Brighton, Sussex, England.

-Listed in the 1841 England Census were William & Mary living in Brighton, Sussex, England.

First child, William, was born on 19 Jan 1842 at Brighton, Sussex, England.  He died there about 7 months later.

-Second child, Mary, was born on 2 Jun 1843 at Brighton, Sussex, England.

-Third child, Edwin, was born on 29 Sep 1845 at Brighton, Sussex, England.

-Fourth child, my 2nd great-grandmother Caroline, was born on 21 Jan 1848 at Brighton, Sussex, England.  She later married Jacob Bowers, son of James Bowers.  HERE is the page for James Bowers.  Here is a biography for Caroline written by her granddaughter.

-Fifth child, Harriet, was born on 31 May 1850 at Brighton, Sussex, England.

-Listed in the 1851 England Census were William & Mary with 4 children living in Brighton, Sussex, England.

-Sixth child, James, was born on 25 Mar 1852 at Brighton, Sussex, England.

-Seventh child, Fanny, was born on 23 Jul 1854 at Brighton, Sussex, England.

-William & Mary were both baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in March 1855, according to church ordinance records.  Their two oldest, living children (Mary & Edwin) were both baptized later that same year in November.

-William & Mary and their children emigrated to America aboard the ship HORIZON, arriving at Boston on 30 Jun 1856.  The family then traveled to Iowa where they outfitted with a wagon to travel to the Salt Lake Valley. The youngest daughter, Fanny, died there on 19 Jul 1856.  They had to leave her behind when they left Iowa on August 1st.

-They traveled in the wagon company previously mentioned.  They traveled behind and provided support to the Edward Martin Company, which were traveling by handcart.  They encountered many difficulties due to the lateness of the season, but the wagons were asked to stay with the group to provide support.  The oldest daughter, 13-yr-old Mary, wrote a descriptive autobiography of their experiences.

-Eighth child, Edith, was born on 23 September 1856 near the Platte River in Nebraska.  The youngest son, James, died on 2 Oct 1856 at Devil’s Gate in Wyoming.  The new baby also died on 3 Nov 1856 at the Last Crossing of the Sweetwater.

-Mother, Mary, died on 11 Dec 1856 in Emigration Canyon just before they came into the Salt Lake Valley.  They kept her in the wagon and buried her in Salt Lake City the following day.  The surviving children had to have some of their toes amputated.  Here is another account of their trials written by daughter, Mary, more than 50-years later.

-William had four sisters that also emigrated to America with their families.  Three of those settled in Utah and likely provided support to William and his young children.  They introduced him to Susannah Patching whom he married in December 1856.  He reportedly seriously considered returning to England.  Here is a biography of William Goble written by a granddaughter-in-law.

-Listed in the 1860 US Fed Census were William & Susannah with 3 children living in Nephi, Juab, Utah; the oldest daughter, Mary, having gotten married in 1859.

WilliamGoble & SuzannaPatching-William & Susannah (at left) were sealed on 8 Dec 1865 in the Endowment House.  William was also sealed to his first wife, Mary, on that same day.

-Listed in the 1870 and 1880 US Fed Census were William & Susannah living in Nephi.

-Susannah died on 29 Aug 1892 and was buried at Nephi, Juab, Utah.

-William reportedly married Mary Ann Ewers Fowkes (widow) on 9 Nov 1892.  They lived together for a few years and she reportedly died about two weeks before William died.

-William died on 9 Mar 1898 and was buried at Nephi, Juab, Utah.

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