Bowles, Spencer Leo

Spencer Leo Bowles is my maternal grandfather.  He was born on 3 May 1914 in Nephi, Juab, Utah.  As the oldest son in the family, he either inherited or purchased the family farm.  He married Roxie Craig on 15 Oct 1936 in Provo, Utah; they were sealed in the Manti Temple the following year.  Although he seemed somewhat quiet and gruff to me, he was always gentle and it was obvious he absolutely loved and adored my grandmother.  He was a tall man with huge hands… and he snored very loudly!

*Shown here as a baby and then as a teenager on the Nephi basketball team (back, 3rd from left)

Grandpa was originally a concrete finisher and did a lot of that work at the BYU.  Later, he worked his farm as well as became a small business owner when he purchased the Fros-T-Freez in Nephi.  I often saw him and grandma peeling potatoes for french fries.  My parents eventually purchased the business from him and he continued on working at his farm until his death.  I even spent a couple of summers helping him haul hay with my brothers and cousins… I got to drive the tractor!  I loved riding in the hometown parade with him driving his old Model T.  But, he was definitely happiest on a horse.

Spencer L Bowles Death Certificate

Spencer L Bowles Funeral Program

Spencer L Bowles Obituary

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