Craig, Roxie

Roxie Craig is my maternal grandmother.  She was born on 15 Sep 1917 in Panguitch, Garfield, Utah into a large family with 11 children!  She is shown here standing in back, second from right.  I believe this picture was taken around 1934.  Back: Wayne, Opal, Roxie, Pearl – Front: Shirley, Dorothy, Jay, Bert, Nellie – Absent: Lola (deceased), Orin (married)

My grandmother was a hard worker and frugal; she kept her home and family clean.  She was a tiny woman but seemed to have tremendous energy and enthusiasm for all she did.  I think my grandfather trusted her business sense and worked to bring her ideas to fruition.  They owned the Fros-T-Freez in Nephi and lived just south of it on Main Street.  Then, after selling the drive in to my parents, they started Nebo Craft & Gift right next to their home in an “A” frame structure my grandfather built.  (Home and craft shop now demolished.)

I got to know my grandmother fairly well when my family moved to Nephi.  I loved to visit her home and play pool in the basement near the indoor waterfall my grandfather had built.  She had hidden toy frogs amongst the rocks and plants!  She shared an affinity for frogs with me, or pretended to; but she always seemed to know where to go to find tadpoles.  And, grandma had tremendous patience with me, I think.  She allowed me to explore her antique dishes;  I loved to remove everything from an old cabinet and dust and rearrange the old dishes there.  I also loved to listen to old “Monkees” records in her front room.

When I got a little older, I began working in grandma’s craft shop.  That’s where I learned my love of crafting!  She always seemed to be learning something new and encouraging us to join in.  In particular, she learned to paint beautiful pictures.  Grandma also collected antiques that she sold in her shop.  She gave me a beautiful antique picture of the Salt Lake Temple when I graduated from high school.  It was a privilege to deliver the eulogy at her funeral.

*Shown at right with my grandfather near the end of their lives.  She was feeble and very forgetful at the end.  Everyone thought she would die first, but Grandpa preceded her and she joined him a few months later.

Roxie Craig Bowles Death Certificate

Roxie Craig Bowles Funeral Program

Roxie Craig Bowles Obituary

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