Kelsey, Arthur Franklin

My paternal grandfather, Arthur Franklin Kelsey, was born on 7 Aug 1904 at Ferron, Emery, Utah.  He wrote a short personal history once telling about an incident with a rattlesnake at his birth.  He was born into a large family and produced a large family.  He married Myrtle Louise Skinner on 30 Oct 1928 at Millard, Fillmore, Utah.  I don’t think he received much education and he struggled to provide for his family.

*Shown at left as a young man with daughters Louise & RaNae with puppy, Tippy.

I remember visiting my grandparents’ old home in Payson where they still used an outhouse.  Later, they moved to another home in Payson provided by the city.  They always had a garden with big tomatoes and they always seemed to have baby kittens around the house!  As a young child, I remember watching him roll his own cigarettes… getting out a little white paper, tapping in a stream of tobacco, carefully rolling it and licking the edge of the paper to make it stick.  He’d say, “Who’s my blow-harder?”  We would scramble for the opportunity to blow out the match after he’d lit his cigarette.  Probably every shirt I saw him wear had tiny holes in the breast of it from ash falling there.

*Shown at right with grandsons in 1977: Tony, Mike, and Jason.

My grandfather died on 18 Aug 1980 in Payson, Utah and is buried in the cemetery there.  I played a trumpet solo at his funeral.  A couple of years later, when I received my endowment at the Provo Temple, my Uncle Ken was with us going through for my grandfather.

Arthur F Kelsey Death Certificate

Arthur F Kelsey Funeral Program

Arthur F Kelsey Obituary

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