Skinner, Myrtle Louise

My paternal grandmother, Myrtle Louise Skinner, was born on 8 Jul 1912 in Delta, Millard, Utah.  About a year before she died, at almost 75-years-old, she wrote a rather lengthy personal history that does more justice to her loving personality than I could ever do.  When she was 12-years-old, her mother died; the little family had also lost 3 children.  She married Arthur Franklin Kelsey on 30 Oct 1928 and stuck with him through thick and thin.  About three months after his death, she went to the Provo Temple to receive her endowments but did not seal herself to him.  The sealing was performed about three years after her own death, which was on 22 March 1987.  At the time of her death, she was living in a residential care center in Nephi, Juab, Utah near some of her children.

*Shown at left with five of her children surrounding her including: Ralph, RaNae, Gary, MYRTLE, DeVere, and Marla.  Her children loved her as much as she loved them.

Interestingly, her first birth certificate listed her as a male.  Finally, in 1977, she had the record changed and was issued an amended birth certificate.

I don’t believe I ever saw my grandma unhappy or upset.  She always seemed to be smiling and thrilled to be around her children and grandchildren.  As the mother of nine children and a multitude of grandchildren, she always made it a point to remember each one on birthdays and at Christmas.  I ALWAYS got a card on my birthday with coins taped inside.  And, EACH grandchild received gifts at Christmas that included her homemade divinity and knitted or crocheted keepsakes.  When I was married, about 2-years before her death, she crocheted a multitude of gifts and decorations for my home.

Myrtle Skinner Kelsey Death Certificate

Myrtle Skinner Kelsey Funeral Program

Myrtle Skinner Kelsey Obituary

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