John Ellis – 1851

John EllisHarrietHalesEllis2

John Ellis, my 4th great-grandfather, traveled with his wife (Harriet Hales) and family to the Salt Lake valley in the Harry Walton/ Garden Grove Company, which arrived in September 1851.

-John was born on 4 Jan 1814 at Scarborough, Ontario, Canada to John Ellis and Hannah Stoner.  HERE is a personal history.

-Harriet was born on 10 Jun 1824 at Rainham, Kent, England to Stephen Hales and Mary Ann Hales (cousins).  Her entire family left England and emigrated to Canada in 1832 where they heard and accepted the Gospel and then traveled to Missouri to join the saints.  HERE is a family history.

-John was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Nov 1838.

-John & Harriet were married on 31 Oct 1839 at Quincy, Adams County, Illinois.

First child, my 3rd great-grandmother Mary Ann, was born on 30 Dec 1840 at Quincy, Adams, Illinois.  She later married Meltiar Hatch, son of Ira Stearns Hatch.  Meltiar Hatch’s page is HERE.

-Second child, Hannah Isabella, was born on 31 Dec 1843 at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.

-Harriet’s father, Stephen Hales, died on 5 Oct 1846 and was buried in Fort Madison, Lee County, Iowa.  Her father had participated in the Nauvoo Legion and both parents had received their endowments in the Nauvoo Temple on 31 Dec 1845.

-Third child, Stephen Hales, was born on 18 Oct 1846 at Fort Madison, Lee, Iowa.

-Fourth child, John Henry, was born on 18 Mar 1849 at Appanoose, Hancock, Illinois.

-Listed in the 1850 US Fed Census were John & Harriet with 4 children as well as Harriet’s brother and his wife, living in Hancock County, Illinois.

-John & Harriet and four children traveled to Salt Lake as mentioned above.  Three of Harriet’s brothers’ families also traveled with them as well as Harriet’s mother, who had remarried to William G. Thompson.  Several journals noted that Mary Ann Hales Thompson died along the way on 9 Aug 1851 and was buried in Nebraska.

-Fifth child, Harriet Louisa, was born on 21 Dec 1851 at Bountiful, Davis, Utah.

-John & Harriet were sealed at the President’s Office in Salt Lake on 9 Oct 1853.  They both received their endowments at the Endowment House on 24 Mar 1854.

-Sixth child, Joseph Ezra, was born on 28 Mar 1854 at Bountiful, Davis, Utah.

-Seventh child, Sarah Ann, was born on 8 Jan 1856 at Bountiful, Davis, Utah.

-Eighth child, Elizabeth Jane, was born on 3 Jan 1859 at Bountiful, Davis, Utah.

-Listed in the 1860 US Fed Census were John & Harriet with 7 children (their oldest daughter having already married), living in Bountiful, Davis County, Utah.

-Ninth child, Laura Victoria, was born on 12 Oct 1861 at Bountiful, Davis, Utah.

-Tenth child, Charles William, was born on 13 Apr 1864 at Bountiful, Davis, Utah.

-Eleventh child, George Franklin, was born on 30 Aug 1866 at Bountiful.  He died a year later.

-Twelfth child, James, was born on 30 Aug 1868 at Bountiful.  He died 3-years later.

-Listed in the 1870 US Fed Census were John & Harriet with 6 remaining children, living in Bountiful, Davis, Utah.

-John died on 3 Apr 1871 and was buried at Bountiful Memorial Park.

HarrietHalesEllis family-At left, Harriet with siblings in England.

-Harriet lived 39-years as a widow.  She shows up in subsequent census records as living in Bountiful with children/ grandchildren (see 18801900 & 1910).  She died on 25 May 1910 and was buried next to John in Bountiful Memorial Park.  Shown below is Harriet and her adult children, with the exception of her oldest daughter, my 3rd great-grandmother, Mary Ann.




Harriet Ellis & Fam

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