Spicer W Crandall – 1850

Spicer Wells Crandall1

Spicer Wells Crandall, Dean’s 2nd great-grandfather, traveled to the Salt Lake valley in the Warren Foote company arriving in September 1850.  He buried two wives along the way.

-Spicer was born on 31 Dec 1822 at York, Genesee, New York to David Crandall and Mary Margaret McBride.

-Spicer was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 5 Mar 1837, likely in either Missouri or Illinois.  Other members of his family had been baptized a few years earlier.

-Spicer married Sarah Susannah Gill on 15 Oct 1843 at Quincy, Adams, Illinois.  Spicer & Sarah both received their endowments in the Nauvoo Temple on 23 Jan 1846.  Sarah died on 5 Jan 1847 at Knox County, Nebraska.  A monument was erected to the memory of those that died there, including ‘Mrs. Spicer Crandall.’

-Spicer married Irinda Spafford on 30 Sep 1849 at Kanesville, Pottawattamie, Iowa.  She died in childbirth nine months later on 30 Jun 1850 in Nebraska.  There were a total of 6 members of the Spafford family that died that month.

-Listed in the 1850 US Fed Census was Spicer and a new wife, Sophia Kellogg, that he had married on 5 Dec 1850 in Salt Lake.

-Spicer was sealed to Sophia and to his previous two wives on 31 Jul 1852 in President Young’s office.  He was also called on a mission to England and applied for a passport in 1852.  At the time, he had one child (Irinda) and another on the way (Spicer).

-Spicer returned from his mission by ship and traveled with the Daniel D. McArthur company for the last part, arriving back in Salt Lake on 26 Sep 1856.  This company traveled just behind the Edmund Ellsworth company.  Spicer was a counselor to Brother McArthur and was called as captain over half the company.  The travel report also mentions that he was called upon to bless a Sister Bathgate who was snake bit!  Another member of this company was a young woman from Ireland, Mary Branagan, who wrote of her experiences.

-Spicer married Mary Branagan on 2 Mar 1857 in the Endowment House.  Their first son was born and died the following December.  Both Mary and Sophia (Spicer’s other wife) gave birth to sons in 1859.

-Listed in the 1860 US Fed Census were Spicer & Mary with one son, living in Springville.  Listed separately was Sophia with her three children by Spicer, living in Provo.  (Within a couple of years, Sophia left Spicer and raised their children with another man, Daniel Cook.)

Susannah Wimmer Crandall-Spicer’s brother, Myron Nathan, died on 4 Aug 1860 in Springville.  Subsequently, Spicer married one of his brother’s wives, Susannah Wimmer, on 13 Jun 1861 in Springville.  (He was not sealed to her inasmuch as she had already been sealed to his brother.)

-Susannah had three children with Myron Nathan Crandall, only two lived.  Shown here are Susannah with Josephine and John.

-Susannah was born on 20 Dec 1833 at New Lisbon, Henry, Indiana to John Wimmer and Elizabeth Hendricks.

First child with Spicer, Tryphena Elizabeth, was born on 19 Nov 1863 in Springville.

-Second child, Dean’s great-grandfather Myron Newton, was born on 29 Nov 1864 in Springville.

-Third child, Anna Maria, was born on 24 Dec 1866 in Springville.  She died 7 years later.

-Fourth child, Peter Wells, was born on 16 Aug 1869 in Springville.

-Listed in the 1870 US Fed Census were Spicer & Mary with three children, living in Springville.  Listed separately was Susannah with her two previous children by Myron and her four children by Spicer as well as another son of Myron’s by a different wife.

-Fifth child, Martha Lily, was born on 26 Oct 1873 in Springville.  She died a year later.

-Sixth child, Margaret Almeda, was born on 24 Oct 1874 in Springville.

-Seventh child, George Alma, was born on 11 Jan 1878 in Springville.  He died 5 years later.

-Spicer Wells Crandall died on 14 May 1879 at Springville, Utah, Utah.

-Susannah Wimmer had a total of 7 children with Spicer, only four lived to adulthood.  Susannah continued to live with her children until her death on 23 Jan 1918 and was buried in a different cemetery (Evergreen) in Springville.

-Mary Branagan had a total of 8 children with Spicer, only three lived to adulthood.  Mary continued to live with her children in Springville and worked as a school teacher.  She died on 28 Mar 1919 and was buried next to Spicer in Springville City cemetery.

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  1. Emma
    Mar 06, 2015 @ 18:30:10

    Hi, I am a descendant of Mary Branagan, my great-grandmother Catherine Branagan was the niece of Mary. I would love to catch-up with you.


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