Abr Washburn – 1848

Abraham WashburnWashburn, Tamer


Abraham Washburn, my 4th great-grandfather, and his family entered the Salt Lake valley on 19 Oct 1848 with the Willard Richards company.


Abraham was born on 17 Mar 1805 in Nine Partners, Dutchess, New York to Daniel Washburn and Nancy Wright.

Tamer was born on 4 Jul 1805 in New Castle, Westchester, New York to Jesse Washburn and Susannah Washburn.  Abraham & Tamar were actually first cousins once removed.

-Abraham & Tamer were married on 16 Mar 1824 at Mount Pleasant, Westchester, New York.

First child, Daniel, was born on 23 Jul 1826 at Mount Pleasant.

-Second child, Mary Ann, was born on 18 Nov 1828 at Mount Pleasant.

-Listed in the 1830 US Fed Census was Abraham with a wife and two young children living at Mount Pleasant, Westchester, New York.

-Third child, Emma Jane, was born on 28 Jul 1832 at Mount Pleasant.

-Fourth child, Elizabeth, was born on 23 Aug 1834 at Sing Sing.  Both she and the oldest son, Daniel, died in 1837 at Sing Sing.

-Fifth child, Daniel Abraham, was born on 8 Sep 1837 at Sing Sing.

-Abraham was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 6 Feb 1838 by Parley P. Pratt.  He was ordained to the Sixth Quorum of the Seventy in March 1838.

-Although initially against the church, Tamer was baptized within the following year and often housed the Pratt brothers in her home.  She gave money to Orson Pratt for his mission to England, which prompted Joseph Smith to say that her salvation was secure because of this.

-Sixth child, Sarah Elizabeth, was born on 16 Aug 1839 at Sing Sing.  Subsequently, the family moved to Nauvoo, Illinois and were not found in the 1840 US Fed Census.

-Seventh child, John E., was born on 18 Apr 1842 at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.  He died there that same year and an older child, Sarah Elizabeth, died there the following year.  Abraham was a member of the Nauvoo Legion and helped to build the Nauvoo Temple.

-Eighth child, my 3rd great-grandmother Susannah, was born on 23 Jun 1843 at Nauvoo.  She later married Thomas Bowles, son of Edward Bowles.  HERE is the page for Edward Bowles.

-Ninth child, Joseph Bates, was born on 20 Jul 1845 at Nauvoo and died there that same year.  This child was likely named after Joseph Bates Noble, who married the oldest daughter, Mary Ann, for his 3rd wife.  Abraham served as first counselor to Bishop Noble for a time.

-Both Abraham & Tamer as well as their oldest daughter, Mary Ann, received their endowments in the Nauvoo Temple on 6 Jan 1846.

-Tenth child, Artemesia Minerva, was born on 17 Jun 1847 at Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska.  The following year the family traveled to Salt Lake with Willard Richards.

-Abraham was married to a 2nd wife, Flora Clarinda Gleason, on 11 Feb 1849 at President Young’s office in Salt Lake.

-Listed in the 1850 US Fed Census were Abraham & Tamer and 2nd wife (Flora) and a total of six children from the two wives, living in Sanpete County, Utah.

-Listed in the 1860 US Fed Census were Abraham & Flora with her children, living in Sanpete County, Utah.  Tamer was listed separately in that census with her youngest daughter, but also living in Sanpete County.

-Listed in the 1870 US Fed Census were Abraham & Flora (not Laura) with her children, living in Manti, Sanpete County, Utah.  Tamer has not been found in that census.

-Listed in the 1880 US Fed Census were Abraham & Tamer & Flora living with a few of Flora’s children in Monroe, Sevier, Utah.

-Abraham died on 17 Jun 1886 and was buried in Monroe, Sevier, Utah.

-Tamer died on 4 Sep 1886 and was buried in Nephi City Cemetery, Juab County, Utah.

-Flora died on 13 Aug 1900 and was buried in Monroe, Sevier, Utah.

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